Friday, January 26, 2007


Remember BEACH HEAD from GIJOE? He's a lesser known/remembered character, I find. But he was one of my favorite figures; half Commando (Ranger), half Ninja (um, the ski mask... I was 10yrs old people). He was like Rambo and Snake-Eyes rolled into one badass American Hero (but obviously not as cool as Snake-Eyes... I mean, come on.). I'd always have him go off on missions with Snake-Eyes, either fighting-against or teaming-up-with Storm Shadow and Firefly. In fact, in the awesome Marvel comics (pick em up, they rule!), his first appearance (#47), was assisting Hawk during the rescue of Snake-Eyes from Cobra Island.

*Beach Head's Bio Card, found on the back of the figure card, circa 1986*
Later, during my college years, I happened along his file card in the parents' attic and discovered his character's bio has his hometown as AUBURN, AL. Yeah, baby!


Check out this pretty cool CUSTOM Beach Head by Lance838!
(thanks, Melchy!)

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Anonymous said...

Yep, Beach Head attended supposedly attended my alma mater, Auburn High School. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear he was treated very well.

From Wikipedia: Beachhead's real name is Wayne R. Sneeden. He was born and raised in Auburn, Alabama, living in abject poverty; this led to him being bullied and tormented by his classmates and peers throughout his growing years. In hopes of becoming more than what those taunted him believed he could be, Sneeden became an overachiever and ended up the Valedictorian of his high school through hard work, unwavering discipline, and his keen mind.

Oh least he was valedictorian...