Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Attn: Auburn Folk!
So we're driving around the block last night looking for parking (street parking, ugh) and this SUV is kind of tailgating me. Well, not so much "tailgating" me as "kind of following me". I turn off onto a residential street and the SUV slowly follows. I do a U-Turn to park on the other side of the street and the SUV slows down then proceeds forward a bit. We're gathering our things and the SUV comes back around and pulls up beside me. "WAR EAGLE!!" a woman's voice comes out of the window. I look up and her and her husband are smiling ear-to-ear. "We saw your license plate frame!!" - which is Auburn Alumni. Turns out they graduated AU in 2000 (1998 for us) and I was the first person they've seen in LA with AU paraphenalia on their car. Plus, we live in the same area! Quick conversation, so that's all I got. They just wanted to give a good ole warm Auburn "HEY!". Pretty neat.

So "WAR EAGLE!!" to all my fellow AU readers!


Anonymous said...

Small world! That's AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

Sweeeet!!...oh and War Damn Eagle!!!

Anonymous said...

do they swing