Friday, January 12, 2007


We will soon have a new tv series based on the old FLASH GORDON comic strips! At first I was angry, because I love the classic 1980 movie with all my heart. But then I quickly realized, no, this is a retelling of the COMIC strip from the 30s (which rocked, btw) - my anger still glows sun hot at the upcoming Stephen Sommers movie remake of my beloved '80 version. Anyway, so I then got excited about this new series. But THEN I realized its being produced by the SciFi Channel and spearheaded the same dudes who made the miniseries "Legend of Earthsea". Uggghhhh. I'd like to see the old comic strips done in animation, whether 2D or 3D, under capable hands who know, respect and "get" the material. I know, I ask for the impossible; Quality. The Flash Gordon SciFi series will be a 22 one-hour episode season.
Look for it in July 2007.

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