Friday, January 19, 2007


There is totally a Collective Consciousness! I was thinking of putting together a "Top 1O Fight Scenes" post and lo-and-behold, the guys over at Cinematical beat me to it! They had a pretty good list, so here it is:

10. Fight Club: Narrator vs. Angel Face
09. Bloodsport: Frank Dux vs. Chong Li
08. Evil Dead 2: Ash vs. His Own Hand
07. Transformers: Megatron vs. Optimus Prime
06. Drunken Master 2: Wong Fei-hung vs. John
05. They Live: Nada vs. Frank
04. Return of the Dragon: Tang Lung vs. Colt
03. Rocky: Rocky Balboa vs. Ivan Drago
02. The Matrix: Neo vs. Agent Smith
01. Troy: Achilles vs. Hector

Click here to watch the above fights - plus a few more!

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