Thursday, January 18, 2007


From JimSmasher DYLAN:
"Some friends of mine went out to a comedy club the other night and told me about this dude doing a rant on Star Wars. Specifically, talked about the beginning of Empire when Han tells a lowly deck officer that he'll "see him in hell!" He then proceeded to do like a 10 min skit, playing out a conversation between that crewman and his buddy. Now I wasn't there, but the high points went like this:"

Deck Officer: Sir, the temperature's dropping too rapidly....
Han Solo: That's right. And my friend's out in it! [mounts a Tauntaun]
Deck Officer: Your Tauntaun will freeze to death before you reach the first marker....
Han Solo: THEN I'LL SEE YOU IN HELL!!! [rides off]
Deck Officer: [turns to buddy next to him] Why would he say that?
Buddy: What?
Deck Officer: He told me to go to hell. I was only trying to warn him that he's totally going to die out there.
Buddy: Man, fuck that guy. He's a total dick. He's been here like what, 2 months, and he's already a general. Man, I been working here 4 years and I'm still fixing ships. I bet the the Empire promotes quicker.


dylan said...

Comics name is Eddie Pence. He's got a few youtube clips. Check him out.

maker said...

well if the deck officer helped rescue on of the key leaders in the rebellion, along with the plans to the death star, and subsiquently help blow up said Death Star, he might get a promotion also....... (why cant I add a friggin apostrophy, without the fucking blogger taking me to a search engine)

Anonymous said...

That is hilarious!

Larry said...

Eddie Pence is so funny! I have seen a lot of his shows and his impression of the Tauntaun is hilarious!!!