Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Today's "Douchebag of the Day" goes to The Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Why? Because they are trying to sell the idea of selling commercial space at airport security checkpoints. That's right, as you're taking off your shoes, putting your shit in the plastic containers and thinking "I'm never going to fly again", you'll now be assaulted with commercials and print ads! Yay! Yes indeedy, the TSA are already contacting airports to see if who'd like to generate some income! But wait, its already happening! LAX and some small airports in Tennessee are already placing ads in the bottom of those plastic trays at the screening machines. The Future is Now, and its owned by Corporations. Personally, I feel better knowing the TSA is spending their time, money and focus on generating money via advertising instead of, say, our safety. Now remember to empty all metal objects into the bin, put your liquids in 3oz clear containers....
and "Eat at McDonald's! I'm Lovin' It!"

Here is our very near future (seriously, they are actually developing this technology for this exact use):


Anonymous said...

I'd rather have the damn corporations spending money on advertising there and helping diffuse some security costs so less of our tax dollars go towards airport security.

breonala said...

Remington, Winchester, Glock! I heard all 3 of these are first in line for sponsership! Ain't it great!?!? YEE HAAAAAA!