Thursday, January 11, 2007


Man, for YEARS everyone said I was nutz-o for recaling a cereal called "OJ's" - Basically Kix, but orange flavored! The commercials had a cowboy riding on a large orange (spurs dug in the sides), herding oranges through the rugged west landscape like cattle, and occassionally branding them. "I don't remember that shit, Jim. You're on crack!" they said! Oh yeah? Well check it out:
FUCKING OJs CEREAL, BIOTCH!!!!Redemption tastes sweet... sweet as...
as... I dunno, as sweet as something!


Alex said...

as sweet as OJ's?

Mr. Legs said...

I remember this! Never tried it though. The combination of OJ and milk turned me off. Do you remember Kaboom or Krispy Kritters?

Anonymous said...

I do remember those.

And I remember Kaboom (with a clown on the front, right?)

Anyone remember Quisp?

How about some cereal, I think it might have been frosted rice krispies, with Tony the Tigers son?

Mr. Legs said...

Yes, the one with the clown. Sort of like alpha bits with toxic nuclear marshmellows!!!

C-3P0's were was E.T. the cereal and Gremlins cereal.

Wholesome rolled oats, rice, and high fructose corn syrup...part of your complete diabetic coma!

breonala said...

Archer-Daniels-Midland Thanks you all!!!!! IT'S PEOPLE! SOILENT GREEN IS PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!