Saturday, January 20, 2007


I posted HERE some preview art of the upcoming NEW AVENGERS #27 and 28 with art by LEINIL FRANCIS YU. Man, these pages are freaking N-I-C-E!!!! Makes me want to draw again! I'm not a big fan of the new lineup, but the art alone will have me picking up the book.

Good things of the new team:
* Spiderwoman (interesting character).
* Spidey in Black Costume (shouldn't be on the team, but its Spidey in black costume!)
* Cage (Bendis' Cage is cool)
* Iron Fist (kickass martial arts - but then why need Ronin or Echo, both similar fighters)

I've never like Wolverine on the team. If anything, if he's on the team, then he should NOT be in the X-Books. But alas. Anyway, IF he has to be on the Avengers, throw me a bone and put him in the BROWN costume!! PLEASE!!!

I'll keep an open mind - its not the Avengers I want, but the stories could be cool and it is something different..... New Avengers # 27 ships Feb 7th.

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