Wednesday, July 16, 2014


I love the new Judas Priest album "REDEEMER OF SOULS". It's a great blend of their amazing speed metal album "Painkiller" and their groovetastic 70s material. Its a solid amalgam of all good things Priest to date, while still feeling new and fresh! Well done, Metal Gods!

Here's an amazon review excerpt of the "Redeemer of Souls" that I had to share, by THE TUCSON MANIMAL:

"I am a fat and ugly 43 year-old guy who has been listening to Judas Priest since 1984 when I was a skinny pale virgin prowling the the mall trying to pick-up skinny rocker chics who looked sleazy. Not much has changed over the past 30 years; only now, I am fat, balding and wear glasses, but I still live in my mom's basement that I call "The Matrix", where I still listen to Judas Priest with my 3 cats; Neo, Trinity and Morpheus, and I still prowl the mall and Walmart with Viagra in my pocket, looking for old sexy sleazy petite rocker meth chics who live in trailers, because they are so uninhibited and nasty in the bedroom! They rock my world just like Judas Priest's new slab of metal "Redeemer Of Souls", which is similar to "Painkiller", in many ways, only with a slight restrained feel. In fact, I would say that "Painkiller" would be the closest prior Judas Priest release that it resembles, mixed with elements of earlier classics like "British Steel" and "Stained Class". I've seen Judas Priest live 26 times, from my first concert at the Spectrum, growing-up in the ghetto in Philadelphia, to here in the sweltering desert of Tucson, Arizona. If there was a prize for "Biggest Judas Priest Fan", I believe I would be nominated! Although my taste in metal has gotten heavier over the years, listening to more Thrash and Melodic Death (The Very End, early In Flames, But We Try It, Testament, One Man Army And The Undead Quartet, Overkill, Children Of Bodom, Witchery and Heaven Shall Burn), Judas Priest will forever remain a favorite of mine, as this English group sparked my love for metal and has consistently released top-notch Heavy Metal over the past 40 years (aside from a FEW duds!), along with Germany's Accept....

....Anyways, I was just cruising in my mom's red convertible 1985 Pontiac Sunbird with the top down while the cool night air blew-across my balding head, while listening to "Redeemer Of Souls" on my iPod [the car radio is broken!], playing the air guitar on the steering-wheel and screaming along with Halfie. All of the undocumented Hispanic and Guatemalan refugee chics were checkin'-me-out, wishin' they were mine! I was checkin' them out too; these American chics are just too materialistic and expensive to date anymore! [I just don't have the money for a Louie Vuitton purse!] I was like a tiger in heat on the prowl for love in my maroon Burger King polo which I wear 2 sizes too small because it makes my biceps look thicker! Then my mom, who was sitting in the back seat, tapped me on the shoulder and yelled "Barney, watch the fu**in' road!" Thats okay, later this evening, I have two escorts from Craigslist coming-over [I am a regular of theirs], and I am gonna put "Redeemer Of Souls" on shuffle and repeat on my Pioneer stereo and show them why they call me "The Manimal", until my mom bangs on the floor with her broom handle and says "Barney, shut the f**k up!" like she always does! It will be $300.00 well spent, as was the money I spent for this deluxe edition! Sure, I may be a loser who's gotta pay for a "piece", but I will sure feel like a winner later, with "Redeemer Of Souls" blastin' and two 40-ish year old sexy rocker-chics who look like Kristen Chenoweth on meth! Plus, with these two open-minded nasty ladies, anything goes; unlike the uptight career-minded professional women who listen to John Mayer and Jack Johnson! Ladies who listen to Judas Priest [metal] get down to business! There is no shame in my game! I hope this review was helpful! If this review was not helpful, I am sorry for letting you down, but, like I tell my parents and my manager Wendell at Burger King - I think your expectations were much too high of me!... Take care, and stay metal! I gotta go buy some King Cobra malt liquor for my lady friends later!...."

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


 Giant, insanely overpriced glow-in-the-dark Alien ($500!)

 TZ Shatner figure!

 Carnage Brock Samson figure

 New52 Deathstroke bust
 Wampa ornament
(I *think* this is an exclusive??)

 Black Series Jabba w/hookah and Salacious Crumb

 Wearable Foam Infinity Gauntlet


 Reaction ALIEN figure grab bag (lame)

 Porkins bust!!!!!!!!!

 Doomsday figure
(I *think* this is an exclusive??)

McQuarrie Concept Luke bust

Kotobukiya Hulk - Grey variant

R2-KT Maquette

 Hot Wheels' R2-D2 Roadster

Pre-Order for Walgreens exclusive
Prototype Boba Fett - Black Series figure

 ReAction ALIEN Egg Chamber Playset
Limited to just 250 - madness!!!!!!

 Super7/Funko will now be offering a BLACK BOX variant.

 Its made-to-order and only available for pre-order during SDCC 2014:

Wednesday July 21st at 6pm through Sunday July 27th at 5pm.

You can preorder it at their SDCC booth or store at

$100 each + $15 shipping



Yay puppets!

Thursday, July 10, 2014


Check out the upcoming Sideshow KING HULK statue. It's basically a variant of the Gladiator Hulk, but with different armor, no shield, no helmet, etc. I think it looks pretty sweet... but would probably prefer the Gladiator Hulk.... maybe... or both... gah!!!

Wednesday, July 09, 2014


Good: Epic shit
Bad: 'Prometheus'
Good:  I like Mythology
Bad: 'Prometheus'
Good: Joel Edgerton as Rhamses!!!


Deborah W just emailed me this article from GeekTyrant:


I'm not sure how many of you know this, but Boba Fett's first appearance wasn't in the 1980 film Empire Strikes Back. It also wasn't in the 1978 animated segment of the Star Wars Holiday Special as Vader’s right-hand man where he is holding the trident looking weapon.

Boba Fett's first appearance was live when he marched in the San Anselmo Country Fair parade on September 24th, 1978. According to Star
Parades are usually high school bands and Corn Princesses and floats, not flamethrowers and jetpacks and helmets. So what and why was Boba Fett in a parade in a small city twenty miles north of San Francisco? For one, San Anselmo was home to the famous house at 52 Park Way, which was the galactic core of Lucasfilm at the time. So once the annual fall parade came around, it seemed to make perfect sense. Why not?
The Boba Fett costume was worn by Duwayne Dunham, who was an assistant film editor on Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. No one had ever seen this character before at the time outside of Lucasfilm. When asked how people reacted to Boba Fett during the Parade Dunham told the site:
"I would imagine that [for] most people seeing the two, they just figured it was a new character aligned with Vader. We were at the front end of the parade; we were leading the whole thing. We just walked side by side down the street. It was a little funny. My focus was on making the movie. San Anselmo is a small community. There weren’t that many people there and I don’t think any press outside of the San Anselmo newspaper covered it in any way."
Dunham was then asked if he thought that the character would be come so popular:
"Everybody had high, high hopes because Boba was such a cool-looking costume. Outside of Vader, it was the best. The character evolved…the all-white [version] was just another stormtrooper, a supertrooper. But as the character evolved, when he got painted…it was so cool. But everyone had high hopes. I was around George all the time and would hear all the conversations [so] I was looking for another character kind of on the level of Han Solo. But for some reason it just didn’t pan out as George had imagined, and then came Jedi, it was 'throw him in the Sarlaac pit!' We kinda mounted a protest saying 'You can’t do that to Boba Fett! He’s deserving of more!' But they threw him in…and as you know, fans have never let him die."
Boba Fett is such a cool character, and it's good to know that someday we will be in a theater watching a stand alone Star Wars film based around him. I've included some photos from the parade below along with the animated version of the character that I mentioned above.

 article by Joey Paur

*thanks, Deborah W!


via IGN:

The original cast of the 1979 film Alien have been reunited for Alien: Isolation’s pre-order DLC. 

Sigourney Weaver will reprise her iconic role as Ellen Ripley for the first time in 17 years. She will be joined by Tom Skerritt (Dallas), Veronic Cartwright (Lambert), Harry Dean Stanton (Brett), and Yaphet Kotto (Parker).

The DLC contains two missions, both allowing players to relive classic scenes from the original movie.

Everyone who pre-orders the game will get a free upgrade to the ‘Nostromo Edition’, which includes the first of the two DLC missions, entitled “Crew Expendable”. Taking place moments after the death of Brett, it sees players assuming the role of Ripley, Dallas or Parker, as the crew of the Nostromo attempt to flush the alien from the air vents and into the ship's airlock. Depending on which character you choose, you'll have a slightly different perspective on events and will begin with different resources.

The second pre-order mission – “Last Survivor” – will be available through select retailers depending on territory. Set during the film's dramatic finale, you play as Ripley and must activate the Nostromo's self-destruct sequence and reach the Narcissus shuttle in order to escape.


The Spirit of Spinal Tap lives!

Death metal band Unfathomable Ruination are to play in an air-tight, soundproof cube until they run out of oxygen – repeating the feat three nights a week from July 3 until August 1.

The performances, held outside London landmark The Gherkin at 6pm every Wednesday to Friday, will be inaudible to the public and are part of an installation titled 'Box Sized Die' by Portugese artist João Onofre. 
Onofre said: "The performance's duration is limited to the length of time in which oxygen is expended. Outside the cube, viewers observe its strange vibrations, only viewing the band’s entrance and exit to the performance space."

Here's one of their songs:

Tuesday, July 08, 2014



Batman Death Metal band!

Animation by: ArhyBES
Song: "Face Fisted" by Dethklok


I was able to take a quick snapshot as I drove by them putting up the new TMNT poster over the old Transformers 4 poster. Thought it kind of fitting, what with Michael Bay n' all...

Monday, July 07, 2014


The other night I went over to my buddy WOO's house (which I've dubbed "WOOTOPIA") to deliver his new 24" GODZILLA FIGURE.

Here's a pic of our Godzillas at my place before delivery... notice Boba Fett placement for scale!:

While at Wootopia, I saw some sweet new additions to his geek room so I thought I'd share some pics of his displayed collections. Enjoy!