Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I really don't get the MINI-MATE craze. Small "LEGO-style" figures of comic characters. I just don't get it. I'm shocked they're still going... going strong, too, as they are about to unleash a full-length animated movie of the Mini-Mates entitled "DARKTIDE". Yeah, I know, right? Anyway, like I said, I'm not a fan of them... in fact, they actually annoy the shit out of me. With that said, however, I am now hostage to my own psychosis. Series 19 will include a figure of ARCHANGEL in his Horseman costume. Shit. Guess I'm buying that one. I hate myself sometimes.

Previous Archangel Was Cool post


Man, I am fired up!! I was at the gas station the other day and they had new fancy pumps with TV SCREENS in them. What was playing? Why COMMERCIALS of course! Volume was on high with no way to turn it down. I assume this will spread and become the new standard -I've since seen 2 other gas stations, all diff't companies, with them. So now when I get gas I have to listen to fucking bullshit commercials! Yay! Is no place sacred to escape the commercialism that has become our country?

Welcome to the New World Order.
I'd like to leave now.

This is just around the corner
(seriously, companies are developing this shit):


The left pic is the Comic Con poster for th e upcoming movie WHITEOUT based on GREG RUCKA and STEVE LIEBER's Indy comic of the same name. What I find interesting is the poster is recreating the COVER to one of the collected trade paperbacks (right pic), which was drawn by FRANK MILLER. Miller only did the cover to that collection, he had no other input to the comic, writing or art. So why use that artwork for the poster? My guess is because Miller is currently "Hollywood Hot" with the recent success of his "SIN CITY" and "300" film adaptations, plus a few more in the works. Kinda misleading, if you ask me. But then again, most non-geeks would not even know this was based on Miller's art. Or maybe its just a con-exclusive. So I guess until the posters use Frank Miller's name, I can hold back on a Smash. Interesting nonetheless, me thought.

You can read the first issue for FREE right HERE!

Oh, and KATE BECKINSALE as Carrie Stetko? Puh-lease.


BIEHN portrayed TWO of the greatest action heroes ever to grace the Silver Screen: KYLE REESE in TERMINATOR and CORP HICKS in ALIENS! Outstanding!! Man, growing up, he was the coolest cat and totally replaced Stallone and Scharzenegger as the ultimate badass in my book. Can you imagine what those movies would have been like without Biehn rocking the shit out those roles?

Well speak of the devil..... Click HERE!


Some sweet movies came out today on dvd: 300, HOT FUZZ and PATHFINDER. 300 is fucking RAD. Hot Fuzz is alot of fun. Pathfinder... didn't see, but heard it was eh/ok... but come on, its Vikings vs Native Americans with CLANCY BROWN as the head uber-Viking.

Best Buy lunch!


I really like GREG LAND's artwork, despite his often use of photo reference. But when I see him blatantly copying other artists' work, I simply cannot stand behind it... in fact, it pisses me off. Case in point is his recent cover for Marvel's LEGION OF MONSTERS: MORBIUS one-shot. The cover is very striking and there's a reason for that: he's ripped off the classic Ravenloft RPG painting of the vampire STRAHD VON ZAROVICH by the famous CLYDE CALDWELL. Seriously,WTF man? Ripping off another artist? Not cool. And ripping off a famous image by a famous painter? Stupid. Go hang out with your "buddies" Rob Liefeld and Roger Cruz (any comic fans get that joke?).

This is not the first time he's done this. In fact, he's even ripped off HIMSELF! I posted this before, but here is a comparison of his JEAN GREY and his BLACK CANARY.------------------------------------
Lisa posted in the comment section that she did a similar post last month on Greg Land ripping off ANOTHER image, for the cover of Marvel's LEGION OF MONSTERS: SATANA. "Sometimes even if you take a photo of a real live person and try to make it into art, you fail....."
Click HERE for Lisa's post.


Cool.............. animation seems.... iffy.....


And they say Hollywood is out of ideas! Behold New Line Cinema's latest and greatest: CROC VS SHARK!!

Plot Summary (care of mania.com):
The story centers on a small, flooded Australian town swarming with sharks and crocodiles in the wake of the natural disaster. Chaos ensues between mother nature's deadliest animals.
I wonder if we'll see a CROC/SHARK-HYBRID?
*pic is from Discovery Channel, not the movie


Haha, this is a cropped pic of a "FAMILY GUY AT COMIC CON" print
I saw at the SDCC. Jason actually bought it and had Seth Macfarlane sign it (sweet!). I just love the ALIEN costume Peter is wearing. That alone ALMOST had me buying it... but instead I opted to let Jason buy it and then just take this nice picture with the glare.

I posted a few pics I took of the con HERE.

Monday, July 30, 2007


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SCHWARZENEGGER ! !I got Arnold a cute doll.
What did YOU get him, huh?!


Here are some pics from the Con of IRON MAN's first armor in the upcoming live-action movie. I think it looks awesome! I've always loved the original armor!

Sorry, Maker... I know it still stings,
(he was THIS close to being in the armor mocap).


I almost stole this from their booth at Comic Con saturday.
Unfortunately, I behaved. It's available for preorder for $150.
Sigh... yeah, I'm going to have to buy this.
360-degree viewing!
*thanks for the reminder, JGarrett!!!!!




Here's an early glimpse at the new HULK from the upcoming sequel/do-over film. It definitely looks more like the Hulk from the comic (yay!), and not like Shrek's deformed brother. Hopefully they won't put a 98lb asian guy in the mocap suit like last time.

I have no hope or high expectations for this film, solely based on previous comics-to-film attempts. Apparently making a great comic movie is impossible. Sigh.


Finally got around to see Pixar's RATATOUILLE. I must say I loved most of the character desgins. Finally, they've found a way to have their humans look fantastic and stylized! While the film was alot of fun, I also found it lacking in story and storytelling. There were atleast 3 times I was bored and looking at my watch. Visually, the film is beautiful, as is all Pixar films. But lately, their storytelling is falling short.

Much much much better than CARS (which I felt was a piec of shit), but not nearly as engaging or magical as Pixar's previous outings (Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Incredibles...). Usually, I tend to walk out of a Pixar movie feeling really good and happy I saw it. Not so here - I could have waited for a rental night.

I guess it's a bit ridiculous to expect them to make perfect movies every time. It's still Pixar, and I'm grateful they continue to make movies.

Overall Rating: B+


So I went down to the San Diego Comic Con on saturday. Due to various reasons, this year was a saturday visit only; usually it takes me 2 insane days to fit it all in, so I was worried saturday-only would not be enough time.... especially since all four days sold out before the con even began (a first time!).

Bah! I go to the con primarily to spend lots of hard-earned money (and birthday money) on lots of geeky crap. This year, the vendors sucked. It looked like everyone simply brought out those items that did not sell last year. Nothing new. We were done by noon, but stayed til 3pm walking around hoping to find something interesting. We found pretty much nothing. Jason got his D&D Pinball backing signed by [a hungover] ELMORE and then a sweet FAMILY GUY print that he had Seth Macfarlane sign. I picked up a Megatron figure. That's it. I usually come back with bags of fun crap! This year's con was boring and I came home with full wallet. I may not go next year. Ebay here I come.

I took some pics and will post soon. I'll also be posting some news, etc throughout the week, here or there.
*thanks, Jason! - For driving down and humoring my comic side!


Whoa, PAUL STANLEY had some heart issues last friday during rehearsal for the next-day concert and had to be taken to the hospital. He's ok, but the band had to play the concert without him - the first time ever KISS hit the stage as a TRIO. From his website, Paul posted this statement:
During sound check yesterday, my heart spontaneously jumped to 190 plus beats per minute where it stayed for over an hour necessitating paramedics to start an IV and give me a shot to momentarily stop my heart and get it into a normal pattern. Not knowing if this episode was life threatening made it even more exhausting. After consulting with both the paramedics and a cardiologist at Cedar Sinai, they confirmed my worst fear. They said that I would put myself at risk if I tried to do the show.

I’m very proud of Gene, Tommy and Eric for carrying on without me. I apologize to anyone I disappointed and I’ll make it up to you when I see you again.

Glad to hear you're ok, man! We KISS fans would much prefer you to play it safe, than hit the stage and risk your health!

Friday, July 27, 2007



Well, the replacement team for ASTONISHING X-MEN has been announced and it's WARREN ELLIS (writing) and SIMONE BIANCHI (art). Normally, I'd be happy, but I feel after WHEDON and CASSADAY leave, they should just end the title.

For one, do we really need THREE flagship X-Men titles? I'm a fan of going back to just ONE, but we all know that's never going to happen. Also, while I love Ellis' writing, I don't think he's going to take the X-Men to places I'd like them to go; more cynical. Bianchi's art was gorgeous on DC's SEVEN SOLIDERS (with Grant Morrisson writing!), but his current WOLVERINE run has been confusing as hell; poor sequential storytelling I think. His work can be breathtakingly bitchin', especially when its black and white.... but like I said, his currrent Wolverine stuff is just slop-happily messy. I think his art is stronger in a more fantasy sword/sworcery book, rather than characters in super-hero costumes.... although that pic is pretty fucking rad. I'd prefer him to stick to COVERS, PIN-UPS or full page graphic novels (ala ALIENS: TRIBES).

Being the X-ADDICT that I am, I will of course continue to buy this book. And being the COMIC NERD that I am, I will of course continue to bitch about it. Hopefully they prove me wrong and Astonishing continues to hold up to its namesake.

Oh fuck.... is that X-23 on the team? WITH Wolverine.
Sigh. I'm too tired to go off..... but in the interview below, Ellis says he hasn't decided on a final team roster... but that pic does not bode well....

Interview with Warren Ellis
Interview with Simone Bianchi


....from THE DARK KNIGHT (Batman Begins 2)
And yes, MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL is playing the part of RACHEL.
Bye-bye Katie "Weak Link" Holmes! Whew!
*thanks, Eric!


They're here!!
Last year's DC Comics stamps.
Previous "Make Your Own Stamp" post here.


Hey, just found out DELILAH ANDRE is going to be signing autographs this weekend at the San Diego Comic Con! Look for her, along with some other VERONICA MARS actors, in the Autograph Area (AA19) saturday from 3pm-7pm. Unfortunately she will not be able to attend on Today due to a callback (woo hoo!). There's also a chance she'll be there sunday, too!


The new SPOCK has been confirmed and announced at the SDCC. It's none other than ZACHARY QUINTO from HEROES. Also, they said LEONARD NIMOY would make an appearance in the new movie... AS SPOCK, too! Interesting. However, they're also talk of putting Shatner in there... unless its a flash to the future Kirk, I say thee Bah!!!!

Back to the Spock casting news.... getting past the fact a reboot movie of Star Trek is absurd and casting the main characters with anyone but the original actors is blasphemy and stupid.... yeah, I guess he could look like a young Spock. I don't watch Heroes (waiting for dvd), so I have no idea if he's any good. I still can't get over they're going with a young Kirk/Spock movie. Whatever, nothing is sacred any longer.
* I cracked myself up by putting those bottom 2 pics together. I'm a dork.


Oh yeah, baby!!! December 18, BLADERUNNER: FINAL CUT will be out on dvd!! It's Ridley Scott's [supposed] final cut of the kickass classic Sci-Fi film. As an added bonus, those of us in LA and NY will be able to catch the cut in the THEATERS on Oct 5!! YES!!!

The Final Cut dvd is "restored and remastered from original elements and scanned at 4K resolution, will contain never-before-seen added/extended scenes, added lines, new and improved special effects, director and filmmaker commentary, an all-new 5.1 Dolby® Digital audio track and more."

Mark your calendars!


Thursday, July 26, 2007



Um, did you enlarge that pic?
Ya know, the "Birth of Vader" in EPIII was kinda cool, but in the end (and after several viewings) I really don't like it. Sure, seeing the quasi-Empire medical droids is neat and the shots of the mask going on is still cool... but ovarall, it doesn't add to the character of Vader... in fact, I think it hurts it.

I think what bugs me is that when you finally see Anakin in the Vader suit it just doesn't look like VADER to me... its more like Hayden Christiansen in a costume, if that makes sense. Plus, I just don't like the prequels and how Lucas handled the character of Anakin, so its even harder to imagine Haydakin in the suit during the Original movies (don't worry, I never think of the Prequels while watching the Originals). This added to my wishing the prequel DESIGNS looked more like the early McQuarrie designs got me thinking, "What if when Vader was born, instead of being put into the Vader suit we know and love, his very first suit looked similar to McQuarrie's early concept design?" We would then see the "normal" Vader suit when he makes his grand entrance in A New Hope, 18 years after EPIII.

However, Vader is a tragic character and part of that tragedy is the fact he's been a prisoner inside the helmet for 18 years. To have him change armor and helmet would take away from that.... although, really,
his helmet and shoulder armor changed with each movie; Red eyes in ANH and Black in Empire/Jedi being the most noticable. So I suppose just leave it be, but make the prequels GOOD.

Anyway, it was just a thought that surfaced in me dorky fanboy brain.
What does everyone else think?

* In a related topic, I recommend picking up the Star Wars novel "Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader". It's set soon after EPIII and you seeVader hunt down some remaining Jedi, and begin to see the path where"Anakin in the Vader suit" becomes simply "Darth Vader" that we know andlove. While 99% of Star Wars novels suck sweaty nerf-herder balls, this one's pretty cool and there's enough awesome moments to make the read worthwhile, I think.
Pick it up!


Ha! Check out Maddox's post regarding the iPhone, where he praises the Nokia E70 phone as not only better and cheaper than the iPhone, but boldy admits it's invincibility. PC users will enjoy this one.
Click HERE.


What the fuck? So down at Muscle Beach there's a free Rap/R&B concert... brought to you by McDonald's.

I dig the hip design of the website (right pic). Its very cutting edge for.... 1998. That's what I love about McDonald's (besides their diarrhea inducing "food" and pushing thier garbage on the poor) - their uncanny skillz at being current, hip and "down" with today's Youth. If I was a performer at this event, I'd quit now and find a new career. There's only one way to go from here (hint: down).
....Yay! I finally found a suitable post for the left pic I've been sitting on for about 7months. Score!


Freaky, sweet, sad and freaky... Oscar the kitty-cat apparently has the ability to sense when someone is about to pass away. He lives in a nursing home and seems to know when someone is near death and curls up next to them, keeping them company during their final hours in this world. So far the staff have observed 25 cases of this happening! Read more HERE.


All but 1 remains in the WATCHMEN movie casting announcements.
I believe the final one (Captain Metropolis) will be announced this weekend at the San Diego Comic Con. While I'm very skeptical a Watchmen adaptation can be successful, I'm keeping hope alive in my faith in director ZACK SNYDER, who has a good track record so far with DAWN OF THE DEAD (remake - one of the best zombie movies, I think) and 300 (which is fucking awesome!...... btw, 300 comes out on dvd next tuesday!)

The cast thus far is (pic, L-to-R) Billy Crudup (Dr Manhattan), Dean Morgan (Comedian), Malin Akerman (Silk Spectre), Patrick Wilson (Nite-Owl), Jackie Earle Haley (Rorschach) and Matthew Goode (Ozymandias).

Go pick up Alan Moore's outstanding, classic WATCHMEN graphic novel, that changed comics forever (comics are STILL copying it 20 yrs later!). Email Lisa or swing by your local comic store or bookstore today!

from Hollywood Reporter:
"Set in an alternate America, "Watchmen" follows costumed hero Rorschach, who is living a vigilante lifestyle because most masked heroes have retired or been outlawed. While investigating a murder, Rorschach learns that a former masked-hero colleague has been killed, prompting him to begin investigating a possible conspiracy"
More Info
*ugh, that pic took me longer than it should have to make.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I've never heard of this film, know it's probably terrible, but goddamn does it look awesome! They are going to be screening it at the San Diego Comic-Con this weekend; Sunday July 29th at 12pm in Ballroom 20.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Heh, check out this illustration of the "MIDDLE-CLASS BATMAN" by MIKE MITCHELL. He says:
"I've been wanting to do a Batman piece for weeks now, and I finally got around to it. The idea is that this is a Middle Class Batman. Its still Bruce, and his parents were still murdered, but they were never rich, and he still ended up becoming Batman...but with a bit of a budget."
Click HERE to see more illustrations (it's not all comic stuff)
There's a great one of 2 Mexican wrestlers battling a giant Octopus!


Her arm scares me.
(anyone get the Overfiend joke?)


This year's STAR WARS XMas ornaments are now on sale at Hallmarks. I find these to be lacking, personally. The R2/Jawa is neat, but not necessarily anything I'd want on my tree. I guess they ran out of cool ships???? FYI, the Tusken Raider ornament is limited to what is in stores now; once they're sold out, that's it.


Sad news today... last week, GLEN ANGUS passed away due to apparent complications from an aneurysm. I've often used Glen's Marvel paintings here on JimSmash, usually to make a point of how Comic Movies should look like. He did alot of work for gaming, most noteably the awesome MARVEL ALLIANCE stuff; gorgeous work.

Click HERE to see some more of his work.
Click HERE for his main website.

Glen is survived by his wife and two children.
My condolences to his Family, Friends and Fans.
*thanks, Eric!


Reality TV must die a quick, yet excruciating painful, death. Behold the next low level of entertainment, spotlighting two more losers, where being wastes of space is rewarded with fame and fortune;

Click HERE to see the intro.
Click HERE for a taste of the show.

By tuning in, you make them create more of this shit.
I even hesitated blogging about it.
*thanks, SheShe! (I guess... ughhh)


Fuckin A! Gearbox Software has announced a new First-Person game based on the ALIEN movies!!!! Oh baby baby! Click HERE for more info.

In related news, check out this error Eric just got on his computer:

Memory: Allocation failed...
Memory: Failed to free memory.

Memory: *** GAME OVER **



I've loved you since I was 4 yrs old.


YES! That's right, fellow geeky rockers - it's out TODAY! I know where I'm going on my lunch break today!

  1. Caught in a Mosh (Anthrax)
  2. Balls to the Wall (Accept)
  3. Electric Eye (Judas Priest)
  4. Los Angeles (X)
  5. Police Truck (Dead Kennedys)
  6. We Got the Beat (the Go Go’s)
  7. (I Think I’m) Turning Japanese (Vapors)
  8. Seventeen (Winger)
  9. Because, it’s Midnite (Limozeen)
  10. Hold On Loosely (.38 Special)
  11. No One Like You (Scorpions)
  12. Only a Lad (Oingo Boingo)
  13. Ballroom Blitz (as made famous by Krokus)
  14. The Warrior (by Scandal)
  15. What I Like About You (The Romantics)
  16. Wrath Child (Iron Maiden)
  17. I Wanna Rock (Twisted Sister)
  18. I Ran (Flock of Seagulls)
  19. Round and Round (Ratt)
  20. Metal Health (Quiet Riot)
  21. Holy Diver (Dio)
  22. Heat Of The Moment (Asia)
  23. Radar Love (White Lion)
  24. 18 and Life (Skid Row)
  25. Bathroom Wall ( Faster Pussycat)
  26. Lonely is the Night (Billy Squier)
  27. Nothing But a Good Time (Poison)
  28. Play With Me (Extreme)
  29. Shaken (Eddie Money)
  30. Synchronicity II (The Police)
Hmmm, after further inspection of that song list, I'm not so sure.... while many are fun songs (and some just god awful shite), most do not seem like strong GUITAR playing songs. Weird.

Monday, July 23, 2007


Well, atleast its not fucking Rosie O'Donnell.
But replacing Bob is simply impossible.


...if he had stayed away from plastic surgery.


Dunno why I'm posting this... but here's some crappy footage of the Bat-Cycle from THE DARK KNIGHT (aka Batman Begins 2).



Who wants some Optimus Prime CAKE?!!
More pics HERE.


Hey all you TROLL fans.... so you know that remake? Well its being directed by John Carl Buechler, the same guy who directed the first one!

Previous post



Saw this over at the imfamous WOO2....
Check out the DARTH VADER LAPTOP! Unfortunately, it's merely a TOY for kids to play 50 video games. Apparently is more like a Speak & Spell than a laptop. More info:
Select activities with the ultimate light sabre. Light sabre extends at a push of a button. Light sabre has motion sensors so that when the player swings the light sabre it plays sound effects as the light sabre moves. Choose if you want to be a Jedi Knight or Sith Lord and light sabre will reflect your choice. Packed with exciting games to train reflexes, typing and rhythm. Develops hand-eye coordination, memory and music talents. 50 English games.
No word on pricing yet.


The new PUNISHER has been cast for the sequel and its none other than RAY STEVENSON who portrayed TITUS PULLO in HBO'S ROME. If you watched that show, you know he's a total badass. While he's not the Frank Castle I picture in my mind, I do think he can pull off a great film interpretation of the comic character. As Titus, he's shown he can be an ultimate shit-kicker and has those cold, hard, killer eyes that The Punisher needs. So I wave my JimSmash hand of approval. Now if only the writers made the movie from the Punisher movie video game (which acted as a sequel), it'd be great. But you know they won't do that, cause then it'd be a good movie. And Hollywood hates that.

Rent ROME. Season 1 is eh/ok (but it's great setup)...
Season 2 ROCKS!!!!

Punisher: Circle of Blood
Punisher War Zone
- great Romita JR art!
Punisher MAX Vol 1: In the Beginning
Punisher MAX Vol 8: Widowmaker

Some of these are unavailable at Amazon, so shoot Lisa an email and see if she has em!


So did you get your copy of HARRY POTTER & THE DEATHLY HALLOWS... friday night at midnight? I know you did. We got our copies saturday but, due to a slammed weekend had very little time to read... I think I'm only on chapter 5 or so. GAH!!! So far, its awesome. Can't wait to read the rest, so no spoilers ya'll!!!

Oh, and I heard on the radio this morning on the way into work that today is Daniel Radcliffe's birthday.