Tuesday, July 24, 2007


YES! That's right, fellow geeky rockers - it's out TODAY! I know where I'm going on my lunch break today!

  1. Caught in a Mosh (Anthrax)
  2. Balls to the Wall (Accept)
  3. Electric Eye (Judas Priest)
  4. Los Angeles (X)
  5. Police Truck (Dead Kennedys)
  6. We Got the Beat (the Go Go’s)
  7. (I Think I’m) Turning Japanese (Vapors)
  8. Seventeen (Winger)
  9. Because, it’s Midnite (Limozeen)
  10. Hold On Loosely (.38 Special)
  11. No One Like You (Scorpions)
  12. Only a Lad (Oingo Boingo)
  13. Ballroom Blitz (as made famous by Krokus)
  14. The Warrior (by Scandal)
  15. What I Like About You (The Romantics)
  16. Wrath Child (Iron Maiden)
  17. I Wanna Rock (Twisted Sister)
  18. I Ran (Flock of Seagulls)
  19. Round and Round (Ratt)
  20. Metal Health (Quiet Riot)
  21. Holy Diver (Dio)
  22. Heat Of The Moment (Asia)
  23. Radar Love (White Lion)
  24. 18 and Life (Skid Row)
  25. Bathroom Wall ( Faster Pussycat)
  26. Lonely is the Night (Billy Squier)
  27. Nothing But a Good Time (Poison)
  28. Play With Me (Extreme)
  29. Shaken (Eddie Money)
  30. Synchronicity II (The Police)
Hmmm, after further inspection of that song list, I'm not so sure.... while many are fun songs (and some just god awful shite), most do not seem like strong GUITAR playing songs. Weird.


spaceJASE said...

Why didn't they get "Dead Man's Party" if they were gonna get an Oingo Boingo song? Or "Weird Science" for that matter? ah~ well. Everyone's a critic. Even me.

Robiscus said...

its an 80s guitar rock theme and there are no songs by Van Halen?

*or more to the point, no songs by Ozzy with Randy Rhoads?


Jim said...

yeah. I can understand having a game with lots of crappy 80s glam and shit, but for a GUITAR game? come on.... give us some good guitar songs, leave most of that crap to a karaoke game.

However, GH1 does have Ozzy's "Bark At The Moon" :)

Frank Gillespie said...

seems like "pop" instead of rock doesn't it? Oy.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorta tone deaf and although I have great coordination... music games with 'beats' is wayyyyy beyond me.

Give me an rpg or fps any day!

Lisa said...

They should have an 80's metal version.

But none-the-less, I'm stopping at Best Buy tonight to pick this up. It has The Warrior on it, therefore I MUST own it.

Jim said...

Lisa, give us a report once you've had a chance to play it a bit!

Lisa said...

Guitar Hero 80's update -- we beat the game last night. I still don't think it's a fun as the first one, but it was pretty fun. The last two rounds weren't as good, song wise, as the earlier sets, and the final encore is the Extrame song - which isn't really their best song and was kind of a disappointing end to the game. But overall there's a good mix of 80's tunes that rock - and do work well with the guitar - better than you might think initially. If you're a Guitar Hero fan and an 80's music fan, then this is the game for you!

Jim said...


hey, can I borrow your game seeing how you've beat it? heh