Friday, July 27, 2007


....from THE DARK KNIGHT (Batman Begins 2)
And yes, MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL is playing the part of RACHEL.
Bye-bye Katie "Weak Link" Holmes! Whew!
*thanks, Eric!


maker said...

i'll go ahead and say it,...he looks lame......I would prefre the extended scar or the traditional "smile"..rather than a a transvestite who looks like they are having a nervous breakdown... " I"m ready for my close-up Mr. D' Ville.." :)

Jim said...

Agreed. The Joker is supposed to transcend the normal pyschopath out there. This looks more like one of his lackeys that the Joker cut to "mark" him.

Mr. Legs said...

Sorry, I have to correct the quote from Sunset Boulevard.

"I'm ready for my close-up Mr. Demille."

As far as post nervous breakdown transvetites go... Check out this local NYC favorite... Looks a bit like Ledger.

allen said...

I'm concerned about the can clearly see the latex on the mouth scar. Hopefully the makeup won't be as visibly obvious as it was in 300.