Monday, July 30, 2007


So I went down to the San Diego Comic Con on saturday. Due to various reasons, this year was a saturday visit only; usually it takes me 2 insane days to fit it all in, so I was worried saturday-only would not be enough time.... especially since all four days sold out before the con even began (a first time!).

Bah! I go to the con primarily to spend lots of hard-earned money (and birthday money) on lots of geeky crap. This year, the vendors sucked. It looked like everyone simply brought out those items that did not sell last year. Nothing new. We were done by noon, but stayed til 3pm walking around hoping to find something interesting. We found pretty much nothing. Jason got his D&D Pinball backing signed by [a hungover] ELMORE and then a sweet FAMILY GUY print that he had Seth Macfarlane sign. I picked up a Megatron figure. That's it. I usually come back with bags of fun crap! This year's con was boring and I came home with full wallet. I may not go next year. Ebay here I come.

I took some pics and will post soon. I'll also be posting some news, etc throughout the week, here or there.
*thanks, Jason! - For driving down and humoring my comic side!


Lisa said...

It didn't even seem like the news out of the con was that exciting this year - where were the big reveals? new contract announcements? I felt let down.

breonitron! said...

Comic Con Jumps The Shark!