Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Fuckin A! Gearbox Software has announced a new First-Person game based on the ALIEN movies!!!! Oh baby baby! Click HERE for more info.

In related news, check out this error Eric just got on his computer:

Memory: Allocation failed...
Memory: Failed to free memory.

Memory: *** GAME OVER **



Scott King said...

Have you seen that new Aliens commercial? its the kind where they have the real actors in the movies but instead of the dialog they tell you to buy insurance?

I saw it today for the first time and thought "I wonder if Jim Smash has seen it yet?" ((though knowing my luck you made a post about it 2 weeks ago and I forgot))

Jim said...

Hahahaha! Right you are:


scott king said...

dagnabbit! As soon as i went to the link I remembered reading it.

Ok i have a new mission... to find something JimSmash-like that you've not posted yet.

Jim said...

hehehe! ;)