Monday, July 23, 2007


The new PUNISHER has been cast for the sequel and its none other than RAY STEVENSON who portrayed TITUS PULLO in HBO'S ROME. If you watched that show, you know he's a total badass. While he's not the Frank Castle I picture in my mind, I do think he can pull off a great film interpretation of the comic character. As Titus, he's shown he can be an ultimate shit-kicker and has those cold, hard, killer eyes that The Punisher needs. So I wave my JimSmash hand of approval. Now if only the writers made the movie from the Punisher movie video game (which acted as a sequel), it'd be great. But you know they won't do that, cause then it'd be a good movie. And Hollywood hates that.

Rent ROME. Season 1 is eh/ok (but it's great setup)...
Season 2 ROCKS!!!!

Punisher: Circle of Blood
Punisher War Zone
- great Romita JR art!
Punisher MAX Vol 1: In the Beginning
Punisher MAX Vol 8: Widowmaker

Some of these are unavailable at Amazon, so shoot Lisa an email and see if she has em!


DanO said...

wasn't the guy who played the Punisher in the first movie on HBO's Rome?

Jim said...

No, Thomas Jane was the first Punisher (well, actually Dolph Lundgren was but let's forget that bad movie)... however, perhaps you might be thinking he was Mark Antony on Rome, who was played by James Purefoy. Lookalikes, methinks.

Jim said...

1989's direct-to-video travesty that was Dolph Lundgren's THE PUNISHER:

although in some ways, a more close adaptation to the Thomas Jane Punisher... really, he moves a fire hydrant to punish?

Jim said...

Thomas Jane:

James Purefoy:

Lisa said...

I think he'd be a great as Punisher. His Titus was AWESOME and totally kicked ass.

Kevin McKidd who played Lucius Vorenus, will be on the NBC show "Journeyman" this fall.