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Um, did you enlarge that pic?
Ya know, the "Birth of Vader" in EPIII was kinda cool, but in the end (and after several viewings) I really don't like it. Sure, seeing the quasi-Empire medical droids is neat and the shots of the mask going on is still cool... but ovarall, it doesn't add to the character of Vader... in fact, I think it hurts it.

I think what bugs me is that when you finally see Anakin in the Vader suit it just doesn't look like VADER to me... its more like Hayden Christiansen in a costume, if that makes sense. Plus, I just don't like the prequels and how Lucas handled the character of Anakin, so its even harder to imagine Haydakin in the suit during the Original movies (don't worry, I never think of the Prequels while watching the Originals). This added to my wishing the prequel DESIGNS looked more like the early McQuarrie designs got me thinking, "What if when Vader was born, instead of being put into the Vader suit we know and love, his very first suit looked similar to McQuarrie's early concept design?" We would then see the "normal" Vader suit when he makes his grand entrance in A New Hope, 18 years after EPIII.

However, Vader is a tragic character and part of that tragedy is the fact he's been a prisoner inside the helmet for 18 years. To have him change armor and helmet would take away from that.... although, really,
his helmet and shoulder armor changed with each movie; Red eyes in ANH and Black in Empire/Jedi being the most noticable. So I suppose just leave it be, but make the prequels GOOD.

Anyway, it was just a thought that surfaced in me dorky fanboy brain.
What does everyone else think?

* In a related topic, I recommend picking up the Star Wars novel "Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader". It's set soon after EPIII and you seeVader hunt down some remaining Jedi, and begin to see the path where"Anakin in the Vader suit" becomes simply "Darth Vader" that we know andlove. While 99% of Star Wars novels suck sweaty nerf-herder balls, this one's pretty cool and there's enough awesome moments to make the read worthwhile, I think.
Pick it up!


maker said...

Dude, you know me,.and I'm right there with you. We've talked about this for hours on hand before ( sad, isn't it people) I honestly would have loved to see (and what I was expexcting to see) is the slow descent into the "VADER" we know by showing him turn ( sooner, AND in a more believable way) and have his body slowly get beat down So that as he became more dependant on technology to replace lost limbs and heal wounds infliucted by other jedi, as he farther lost his humanity, until ultimately Obi-wan f$#%s him up so bad, He needs the suit to survive, thus completeing his transition from compassionate man, to cold machine. I would HAVE LOVED to see him leading Mandalorian Troops (NOT CLONED JENGA FETT's-lame) in the "vader" uniform sans the mask and respirator.....In my minds eye, would have been sweet.

maker said...

quick Jim, me a moch up!!!!!