Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I love the books. I admit it, I'm a huge fan. They make me feel like a kid again and I love all the characters, through and through. One of the main aspects of my enjoyment of the books is all the little things Rowling puts in there. Unfortunately, most of those little things are usually left OUT of the movies.

Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix is the 5th outing of a series of movies that have always lacked. And like with the previous films, they get so much right, I'm left angry that they didn't just go for it, put "everything" in it and have Extended Editions that run 4hours long, ala Lord of the Rings.

Like the previous 4 film adaptations, it moves far too quickly and the story is so crammed, it feels like you're watching the story on fast forward, with leaps and skips along the way. Watching a HP movie is like being in one of those money tanks, where money is flying around you and you're frantically grabbing wads of cash.... that's the Harry Potter films for me - I'm in the theater grabbing quick moments from the book, hoping to atleast see or hear some form of reference to all those lovely moments from the book. Book 5 has been my favorite so far, so I was stoked to see those aspects of the book, even if for a brief moment.

And like the previous 4 films, it glosses over most while holding too long on some. Sirius Black, their schooling through the year, Harry's heavy weight of Potter Legacy, the threat of Voldermort and the constant questioning of Snape's loyalties are good examples of this. Umbridge is great and really steals the show. Most of the other professors are again demoted to mere guest appeareance walkons... that is, if they're lucky enough to get any screen time at all. While Luna is not quite what I pictured in the book, she is awesome and will no doubt replace the character in my head when reading and rereading the books. And yay for having the Dursleys back!

Overall, I really enjoyed it. but like I said, book 5 was my favorite, so seeing those flashing moments wiz by was fun. I'd actually like to see it again.

Read the books first!

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spaceJASE said...

*last book spoilers*

Harry's mom had an affair with Voldemort and never told her husband - that's why Voldemort couldn't kill Harry way back when. Harry can't kill his blood-father so the family fued must go on through Harry's college years. Look for more books down the road including graduate school and Harry getting a PHD in "He Who Must Not Be Named."

The ONLY movie that is better than the book is A Scanner Darkly. Seriously - have you EVER read that book? HP movies blow - Rowling sold her soul to Hollywood. I'm waiting for the BOLLYwood versions.

Cynically yours,