Friday, July 27, 2007


The new SPOCK has been confirmed and announced at the SDCC. It's none other than ZACHARY QUINTO from HEROES. Also, they said LEONARD NIMOY would make an appearance in the new movie... AS SPOCK, too! Interesting. However, they're also talk of putting Shatner in there... unless its a flash to the future Kirk, I say thee Bah!!!!

Back to the Spock casting news.... getting past the fact a reboot movie of Star Trek is absurd and casting the main characters with anyone but the original actors is blasphemy and stupid.... yeah, I guess he could look like a young Spock. I don't watch Heroes (waiting for dvd), so I have no idea if he's any good. I still can't get over they're going with a young Kirk/Spock movie. Whatever, nothing is sacred any longer.
* I cracked myself up by putting those bottom 2 pics together. I'm a dork.


Scott King said...

DAYS before it was confirmed or announced (monday) I totally got a scoop and found out this was happening!

So then the day it was announced at the con places like Star Trek and E! posted about it and then got credit for breaking the story... but I'm bitter because I totally had it first! I even saw on and they were siting E! grrrrr

Jim said...

I had heard rumors earlier this week about it but wanted to wait until it was confirmed. But in my book, you get full credit! :)

maker said...

well, i guss the point is moot, bc the movie is absurd (they didn't even KNOW each other before Kirk was asigned to replace Pike as the captain of the Enterprise), and will be a WB type, teen, unimaginative, turd.

- sorry for sounding so negative, but Today's Hollywood writers have the worldly knowledge and intelligence of a fifth grader.

maker said... be fair. it seema as if a lot of Marvels writers are about on the same level......did these guys live anywere else, or do anything excapt go to film/art school????

maker said...

- GOD, my spelling sucks!!!,..dyslexic I tell ya,..dyslexic,..maybe I should get tested.. :)

Jim said...

hey, scott... rereading my post, I hope my tone didn't come across as... something less than being cool with ya.... bah, maybe I'm just being paranoid. oh, so who's your source?!! hehe, just kidding.

Scott King said...

We still don't know what the plot of the movie is about. It's assumed that it will be a Starfleet Academy movie because thats what was first rumored... but since the script was finalized J.J. Abrams and Paramount have been quiet.

Also... everything I've read and heard suggests that that Zachary and Nimoy will have the starring roles of the film. Starring roles... not cameos. Which suggests that either Nimoy travels to the past or that Zachary (and kirk?) travel to the future OR the story will be told "Lost"-style with flashbacks weaved throughout it.

Besides all of that... I've been a huge J.J. Abrams fans since the pilot of "Felicity" and I don't mind having a little faith in him and Lindelof until more is announced.

...Jim-- your tone was more than fine. As for my source, I have someone related to the TV industry that feeds me scoops. It's how I find out spoilers for "Grey's Anatomy" "The Office" and all the others I post about.

Jim said...

sweet... I have "sources" at several of the movie studios.... we can unite and form blogger voltron - "and I'll form the head!"

ok, I have friends who work at those places, but I never post on info they tell me, if they ever do tell me.

(your identities are still secret! shhhhh!) *wink wink

Five Fingers said...

Simon Pegg to star in new Star Trek movie - Link