Monday, January 29, 2007


"What if the slipper didn't fit?"

is the question asked in the new Cinderella direct-to-dvd sequel "Cindereall III: A Twist In Time." I like how Disney is whoring out another classic beloved story... for the 2nd time and approaching the "What If...?" approach. I'm looking forward to the next outing:

"What if Disney didn't suck?"

This made me think fondly back to Marvel's "WHAT IF...?" series.
Here are some of my favorite issues:
#23: What if... The Hulk Had Become A Barbarian?
#27: What if... Phoenix Had Not Died?
#30: What if... Spider-Man's Clone Lived?
#31: What if... Wolverine Had Killed The Hulk?
#35: What if... Elektra Had Lived?
#37: What if... The Beast And The Thing Continued To Mutate?
#43: What if... Conan The Barbarian Were Stranded In The 20th Century?
#44: What if... Captain America Were Revived Today?
#45: What if... The Hulk Went -- BERSERK?!

#2: What if... Daredevil Killed the Kingpin?
#4: What if... the Alien Symbiote Costume Had Possessed Spiderman?
#7: What if... Wolverine Was An Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.?


Dis_appointed said...

Hey good news..
I just got my Little Mermaid DVD,
and on it is a preview for the Cindrella III, there is also two other disturbing previews, one is for a straight to dvd movie centering around tinkerbell.

and the other.. Little Mermaid III, best part of this one was all the footage, or most of it from the trailer is lifted from the original Little Mermaid, I was watching it thinking.. man the quality of this straight to dvd shit is getting better. Than I watched the original and recognized all the trailer shots..

yeah they're making money in the short term, but killing their franchices in the long run.

Anonymous said...

I've often wondered 'What if...' the Star Wars Prequels had been good !

Maker said...

the "WHAT if The Alien Symbiote had taken ver Spider-MAn" was ne of my all time favorites,..and the "What IF Wolverine was an agent of SHield" was one of the few times I actually likes Liefeld's art....gee come to think about it,..NOW I see were marvel's new writers are getting their stories from......seems as if the entire MU is based of "what if's"-- Ultimate Universe/ house of M,/ X-men in general...../Amazing really saw that until now....

maker said...

just to clarify,..let's go through the list shall we???
WHAT IF.....
1) hulk had become a Barbarian....1/2 chack (not quite there, but close)

2)Pheonix had not died... 3 checks

3)Spider-man's clone lived....Big Fucking check

4)Wolverine had killed the far hasn't happened,..but I'm willing to bet someone is pitching it as we speak

5)Elektra had lived.....check

6)Beast and Thing continue to mutate. one outta 2 aint bad (but the Thing DID mutate back in the 90's)

7)Conan were stranded in the 20th century-no thank god

8)Capatain AMerica were revived today,..Check (Ultimate univers-or as I call it,.THE "what if Universe"

9)Hulk went berserk- check

10) DAredevil killed Kingpin-Technecally not a check, since DD didn't "kill" him,..but they did try and pass him off as dead

11) Aline Symbiote possesed Spidey- no,..BUT they did open up the "symbiote madness", with no end in sight

12)Wolverine was an agent of Shield- and we got 2 checks there..(housef M counts as one also...)

so the tally for the short list is...7 out of 12,.....with 3 close calls...