Friday, January 26, 2007


I've posted before on the "new" Star Trek episodes where they are replacing some of the FX shots with new stuff. Here are 2 pics from the latest aired episode.The episode is "For The World Is Hollow And I Have Touched The Sky", in which the Enterprise encounters an asteroid that is actuality a multi-generational ship...conveying a populace that has long since forgotten they're actually on a space vessel.

The LEFT is the original from the 60s and the RIGHT pic is the new "remastered" shot. The newly rendered "asteroid" is based on NASA photographs of real asteroids. While the new version is more "accurate" in terms of depth and perspective, its boring as shit. The original one was colorful and funky and imaginative. This new one makes it seem like no matter where you explore in space, everything looks the fucking same. I think they could have updated the shot while still maintaining that "bold new worlds" theme of the original series. Look at what we've been able to see thus far with the Hubble Telescope (click here) - There's some funky shit out there in space! And even if we didn't know that, its called using your Imagination to Imagine "strange, new worlds". Again, I'd like to voice my frustration with the lack of Imagination in our Culture right now.

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Anonymous said...

You're right about this,it's just plain boring,no magic whatsoever !! I don't have TOS on DVD but when I do I'd rather get the ones that I grew up watching as a kid !!!