Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Um, what?!!! HBO'S ROME is back on for another season?! When did this happen?! I thought it was a 1-season show. I mean, Ceasar was dead, where do you go from there? haha. Seriously, though, I saw absolutely NO advertising or hype anywhere that would inform me that the show was returning. And yet, here we are TWO freaking episodes into the 2nd season already! Well I watched those 2 episodes last night and am hooked! Season 1 was hit-or-miss for me, but so far I'm really digging Season 2! Watch em if you can!


Anonymous said...

Rome is AWESOME! I didn't think I'd like it, but found it surprisingly good.

Mr. Legs said...

You can't pass a bus stop in NYC without a Rome season 2 poster encased in the plastic... Guess they figure everyone in LA's only interested in entourage.

I was hooked to season one like a fiend... Can't wait for season 2 on DVD.