Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Last september I posted* about news of another MUMMY movie with Brendan Fraser and my disdain for said news. Well it looks like MUMMY III will have a different director; ROB COHEN (Stealth, xXx, Dragon: Bruce Lee Story). This, I might actually see.... well, maybe... matinee. Cohen has a great knack for kickass action scenes and is by far a better director than Stephen "Van Helsing" Sommers (who's about to make a horrible horrible remake of FLASH GORDON. Damn you!!!!). Plus, Cohen's great to work with (although loong hours are usually a standard on his shows), so who knows... there's a chance it could end up on my plate.

So, quick overview:
Another Mummy fiasco - Bad.
Not same director - Good.
But another Mummy movie - blah.
* I quickly & easily found that link through the new spiffy JimSmash search engine (to the right)! Try it out!
** Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story was actually quite good! Rent it today!
***Why the pic of
Patricia Velasquez from the Mummy II? Because she was really the only good thing about those movies. Prrrrrrr......


Anonymous said...

dude for movies-

one word: awesome

Jim said...

what are you trying to say?

Anonymous said...

man...I don't want to be reminded of the Flash Gordon movie. It makes me cry inside.........