Tuesday, January 16, 2007


A while back I posted about the "Special Editions" of old Star Trek episodes with new backgrounds and space scenes added... or should I say "replacing the old original backgrounds/space scenes". (Click here for that post). I caught one episode a few weeks ago.... well, should I say, I caught about 2min of one. The new scene I saw (the Enterprise) looked good. It was clearly NOT a model on strings, but also did NOT look like the out-of-the-box fx we've all come to know on SciFi Channel movies. It worked. Unnessesary, in my mind, but it wasn't offensive. Here's a pic with newly added background from the episode "Wink of An Eye." On a side note, if you can, catch "Wink of An Eye".... it has some classic Shatner moments; time moves slower, so its Shatner.... talking..... slow-er....t hanusual. Genius!
And a pic of just the new background image:
Click HERE for a listing of newly enhanced Star Trek episodes.

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trex said...

It still looks cheesey with the uniforms as context. Thank god!