Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Here's some preview art for the upcoming new comic series "DEATH DEALER" based on Frank Frazetta's legendary paintings. In fact, Frazetta was consulted for research and getting the thumbs up on the series' approach and story. "What's the Death Dealer's deal anyway?" you say? Glad you asked!

Well, in terms of the new comic book, The Death Dealer is the story of two warring kingdoms and a mythical order that seeks peace between them. Nine hundred years ago, the land of Iparsia was ravaged by war between the kingdoms of Oro and Edani. As battles raged out of control, a black rider began to appear laying waste to both sides of the conflict, killing the greatest warriors as easily as the untrained combatants. This unconquerable rider was known as the Death Dealer. The kings of Oro and Edani recognized that if they did not end this war, the black rider would destroy them all. A treaty was signed in blood and the Death Dealer disappeared into the primeval forest.

Legend says that as long as Oro and Edani are at peace, the black rider will sleep. However, after ages of peace, the spectre of war has raised its bloody head once again, and the Death Dealer will not be far behind.
Frazetta's Paintings here and here.
and from a previous comic series, here and here.
Issue 1 hits stores in April

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