Saturday, January 20, 2007


There's a really neat FANTASTIC FOUR statue coming out that, if I had the money ($200!!), I'd love to buy. I dig the style and it really captures the feel of the FF comic (atleast, the Kirby & Byrne era, which I consider to be the essential FF). I just discovered that SideShow Collectibles is offering an exclusive variant statue that has Sue going invisible! Check em out below!
* FF Omnibus (Stan Lee/Kirby)
* FF Omnibus Vol 2 (preorder)
* FF Visionaries: John Byrne Vol 1-6 (Vol 1-2 are Amazing!)
* FF: 1234 (Jae Lee, artist for upcoming Stephen King's Dark Tower)
* FF: First Family ("Retelling" of origin)
* Marvel Knights: Fantastic Four Vol 1 (great art!)
* Marvel Adventures: FF (fun, youthful - more for kids)

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