Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Just when you think Marvel has hit the ceiling at whoring out their properties, they come back and kick you in the nuts proving you wrong.
I shit you not, here are 2 new Marvel products you can spend your hard earned cash on (and pick up chicks, too!)

That's right! Its the action figure you can eat! Assemble your character, place him/her on the battle-stick and have hours of fun! Then, when you're done fighting Dr Doom and your toy is riddled with dirt and germs, eat the sucker! YUM!!!
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Screw those X-Treme colognes you see on TV that make leagues of scantily clad loose women swarm after you! See what they do when you smell like the INCREDIBLE HULK! That's right, in addtion to other Marvel characters' odors (X-Men, Spiderman, Cpt America), you too can smell like the Hulk! Watch out ladies! Nerds now have a new courting weapon. Get some here to get some!

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Anonymous said...

Marvel is so WIERD with their licenses. Some years they won't let anyone make anything with their properties, then in other years they crank all kinds of crazy crap out, like this.