Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I was about to post about how I really want BATTLESTAR GALACTICA toys and then this morning I see an announcement that Diamond Select Toys & Collectibles will be making them! Woo Hoo!! Apparently the sculpting is already in progress and the first wave of figures will be hitting store shelves this summer! No word on which figures, but they did say Cylon Number 6 will be one of them. I hope the sculpts and paintjobs are done well, something along the lines of Art Asylum's Star Trek figs or McFarlane Toys. Gimmie some Cylon Centaurians (old style and new) and some cool pilots-in-gear! Throw in a few ships too (Cylon Raider, Raptor, etc)!

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Anonymous said...

As a retailer who has to order these by the case, I am a bit disapointed that it's Diamond Select. They are HORRIBLE about the way they do sets. For example, we get their Stargate figures. This last set of those was virtually all Teal'k, there were a couple of different versions of him, but still, it was 90% all the same dang character. That drives me NUTS!