Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Ok, so yeah, Lucas will make some pretty awful STAR WARS stuff (see earlier posts today, below) for us fans to lap up like such drones we are. But then he'll also throw us a bone and make something really really ridiculously fucking cool, like the FORCE FX Lightsabers (which I have yet to own any!! Argh!!) OR the coolest R2-D2 toy you could imagine!!!
(short of actually selling a real thinking droid, that is!)

Check out this bad mofo droid!!
The kickass R2-D2 Mobile Entertainment System!!
Yes, you read that correctly - MOBILE!!! The R2 unit features a built-in DVD/CD player, stereo speakers, integrated iPod dock, eleven R2-D2 sounds fx and a full-function remote control built into a Millennium Falcon! This puppy costs a measly $2500! Small change for pure happiness, me thinks!

BUT WAIT! (TV informercial voice) there's also the R2-D2 Communication Sytem which is a Skype phone/motorized webcam. This features a replica of Anakin's Lightsaber from ROTS that contains the controls for the R2 and the Skype phone, a wireless webcam and a web interface to view the camera image and control R2. This fella' costs $350.
Click here to learn more and buy!
And by "buy", I mean
Check it out in action!

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Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for the lifesize Princess Leia !