Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Here's another installment of "Old Star Trek 'New'", showing before and after pics of the "new" Star Trek episodes where they are replacing some of the FX shots with new stuff. Here are some pics from the latest aired episode, "Journey To Babel".

In this episode, the Enterprise plays taxi to a bunch of delegates, including Spock's parents no less, taking them to a conference on Babel. Of course, shit happens when you're on Kirk's ship, like say Murder, spys and being attacked by an alien ship!
Personally, I'm not impressed. Not enough to warrant changing out the scenes. The hangar scenes look too much like the CG I see on Sci-Fi channel or WB's now-cancelled "Enterprise". Sure, it doesn't look like dated 60s FX any longer.... it just looks like dated 2007 FX. And again, using the top image as reference, I feel the new stuff lacks that imaginative charm of the old series. Would it have killed them to keep the planet blood red? You know, something DIFFERENT than what we're used to seeing in our own tiny galaxy? I guess I just prefer my Trek to be more imagination-based.
Old Star Trek "New" - Part 2


Anonymous said...

DULL ! DULL ! DULL !!! This was a rotten idea and the more I see pics like these the more I hate what they're doing !!

Rod Renegade said...

I agree with you except for:

"Sure, it doesn't look like cheap 60s FX any longer...."


The 60's effects weren't ALL cheap. Ok.. there's paper mache rocks and blinking superimposed lights, but whatchagonna do in the days before CGI...

When you want to talk cheap... ask Roger Corman...

Look at Ed Wood

Or Sid & Marty Krofft... The Lost Saucer comes to mind.

And worst of all was Space Mutiny (1988) where the effects were just lifted from the Battlestar Galactica television show. That's not only cheap, but shameless.

The Star Trek team did pretty darned good for TV.

They said, "Let there be models"... and they built models and we saw the models (sometimes the same ones - turned upside down in a later episode)... and they were good.

But yeah... I agree with you. If your going to change the effects out - don't just throw in some cheap effects out of a box.

Jim said...

Rod, I completely agree with you. My choice of wording with "cheap" was a poor one. I post very quickly and rarely proofread, which often times results in my original intent and message being lost. I have removed "cheap" from the post. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!!

Anonymous said...

I'd have rather have seen them build the hangar as a new miniature and just CG enhance it if need be,but to do it all CG looks wrong !!