Thursday, January 25, 2007


Whoa, I just had one of those "I feel old" moments. This year is THE TICK'S 20th Anniversary!! Yikes!! To help celebrate the occassion, New England Comics Press has assembled more than 30 comics creators for a 48-page one-shot!

Simon Bisley and Arthur Suydam share the cover duties, with an equal print run for each artist. Tick creator Ben Edlund has contributed an original page for the book, as has his father Richard. The book's concept had creators asked to to write and draw a one-page -- or in some cases two-page -- Tick short story as if they had total control over the character.

Among those contributing interior pages are: Suydam, Erik Valdez y Alanis, Kevin Atkinson, Bryan Baugh, Jason Burns, Zander Cannon, Jerry Carr, Benito Cereno, Gabe Crate, Jef Czekaj, Ben Edlund, Dave Garcia, Fred Hembeck, David Hopkins, Paul Hornschemier, Josh Howard, Jason Jensen, Matt Kindt, Terry Moore, Chris Reilly, Brock Rizy, Trina Robbins, Scott Shaw!, Anne Timmons, Robert Tinnell, Cory Walker, Sean Wang and Mark Wheatley.

The Tick 20th Anniversary Special Edition #1 ships this April for 6-bucks.

Also, his awesome awesome ahead-of-its-time cartoon is now on DVD.
I highly advice picking it up! SPOON!!!


Scott King said...

I've never read a Tick comic before. It was the old cartoon show that first introduced me to the character. I think I'll check out the one-shot.

Jim said...

THE TICK: NAKED CITY collects the first 6 issues of the old comic.
Sneak Peek:

THE TICK: OMNIBUS 2 collects issues 7-10