Tuesday, January 16, 2007


"Autobots! Transform and, er, play chess!"
That's right, my fellow Cybertronian Nerds! SOTA Toys is set to release this July a chess set based on TRANSFORMERS: GENERATION ONE!

The Autobots:
King = Optimus Prime
Queen = Rodimus (Rodimus? WTF? IronHide, idiots!)
Knight = Grimlock
Bishop = Ultra Magnus
Rook = Jazz
Pawn = Bumblebee (poor Bumblebee....)

The Decepticons:
King = Megatron
Queen = Galvatron (whoa, totally would have figured Starscream)
Knight = Starscream
Bishop = Soundwave
Rook = Shockwave
Pawn = Kickback (bah, how about Rumble, or one of the other cassettes?!)

Board is 17" x 17" x 3.5" and the pieces are approximately 3.5" tall.
$375 and its yours.

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