Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Ah, crap!
It's freaking GIRL SCOUT COOKIE time again!
My favs are Samoas and obviously Thin Mints.
What're yours?
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Anonymous said...

Wow. I just read your blog description and all a have to say is wow. I don't get it.

Oh, and in accordance with your survey, i find all girl scout cookies fairly nausiating.

Jim said...


"Jim Smash!" is in reference to the Incredible Hulk, who when he gets angry and goes on a rampage, is known for yelling "Hulk Smash!"

I'm a dork.

Welcome to JimSmash!!!!

Anonymous said...

There was a lady that took on the resposability of "cookie distribution" for my isiter's troop back in the 60's. The older sibling was "blessed" with Downs-autism syndroms and was a behemoth.
When the girls would visit their house to get their inventories the brother would be extremely excited... He'd have a box in his hand and the other hand stuffing his face with the contents and all the while jumping up and down on a chair or the sofa! It scared me half to death...after that I was used to such behaviors! They would'nt let him near the Samoas!

Anonymous said...

Do the boxes out there still call them Samoas? They're called Caramel deLites here now...If you'd like to order any, we've got a Green Angel living under our roof!