Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I think its common knowledge that I LOATHED the AVP movie. And really want to punch something over the fact they're making another one. Well, here's a pic from AVP2. Looks like they're going with the Alien design from ALIENS (more or less), which is the one I prefer. Kinda cool, except now my favorite design will also be in a shitty movie. First stop when I get a TimeMachine: Stopping ALIEN sequels past the 2nd.

For any Predator fans out there, take note that it looks like they're using the Pred design from Predator 2. Hmmm, AVP sequel using designs from the other 2 sequels....... "clever".


Anonymous said...

Well they've got Amalgamated Dynamics doing the creature FX again and from the interview I saw online with the 2 Directors they said they're doing as much stuff live as possible. And they're going for an R rated film that owes more to Alien,Aliens and Predator than any of the other films !!

Jim said...

The Amalgamated guys are great (nice guys, too!), but I really hate what they've done to the Alien in Alien3, Resurrection and AVP... AVP being the worst, where they look more like Pumpkinhead than Giger's Alien.

I'm really not looking forward to this.
I keep the Alien Saga too close to my heart. Sad, I know. But its my favorite thing in the world :)