Wednesday, January 31, 2007


UPDATE: Back to normal! The Girl Scout Cookie Voting was the culprit. Thanks, Scott & Jen!!!
You may have notice JIMSMASH looks a bit peakish; the side links, etc are at the bottom and the webcounter is now at the top. Well, last night it went haywire on me. I have no idea why and I'm not an Html guy. So please bare with. Hopefully it will either rectify itself or I'll find someone nearby who can take a look at the code.


Scott King said...

Normally when something like this happens in blogger or wordpress it has to do with a post that is larger than the "main body" so it messes with the overall page format. Try checking the last post you made before things went screwy. Look for any photos that weren't too large (in length, not memory-size) and things like that.

Jen said...

might be that picture in the
or the HULK pics
try making them smaller..

also could be
the cookie vote box
the code might be too long
inside the post