Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Disney has a toy car line called "DISNEY RACERS" in which Disney characters are made into race cars. Now, not to be outdone by Marvel in the whoring out of properties, Lucas and Disney team up once again and form the dreadful 2-headed Beast of Capitalism, adding STAR WARS characters to the line of Racer toys. Actually, this is really a step BACKWARDS for Lucas, since last years' SW/Transformers hybrid abominations were the worst of the worst..... no, scratch that.... the Disney characters in Star Wars outfits figures were the worst.... no, scratch that... the M&M Star Wars figures were the worst... jeez, everytime I think about it, there's another worse example of Lucas dragging my beloved Star Wars further down the pooper. Anyway, back to subject at hand.... check out the STAR WARS DISNEY RACERS.
The STORMTROOPER and VADER cars are my favorite. Yippee!!!
More of the line here.

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Anonymous said...

I hope he does a new special edition of the original trilogy with these in !