Monday, January 29, 2007


To continue ranting and smashing from my previous post about WHAT IF...?, we have guest co-writer Maker to drive it home the fact that current Marvel writers are ripping of ideas/premises from old "What If...?" comics from years ago!
WHAT IF.....
1) Hulk had become a Barbarian....1/2 check; Planet Hulk
(Jim's Note: he's currently a "space gladiator")
2)Pheonix had not died... 3 checks
3)Spider-Man's clone lived.... Big Fucking check
4)Wolverine had killed the Hulk... so far hasn't happened,..but I'm willing to bet someone is pitching it as we speak.
(Jim's note: Ultimate Wolverine/Hulk isn't over yet....)
5)Elektra had lived..... check
6)Beast and Thing continue to mutate. Check and 1/2 check (The 90s Thing)
7)Conan were stranded in the 20th century-no thank god
(Jim's Note: Thank god Marvel no longer has the rights to the character.... Dark Horse Comics do)
8)Capatain America were revived today..Check (Ultimate universe-or as I call it,.The "What If Universe")
9)Hulk went berserk- check
10) Daredevil killed Kingpin- Technecally not a check, since DD didn't "kill" him,..but they did try and pass him off as dead
11) Alien Symbiote possessed Spidey- no,..BUT they did open up the "symbiote madness", with no end in sight
12) Wolverine was an agent of Shield- and we got 2 checks there..(House of M counts as one also...)
Nice, man! You beat me to it! haha
I think we've stumbled upon how current Marvel writers "come up" with "their" ideas (besides watching Gilmore Girls and The O.C. that is).

In addtion,
here are some classic What If's that have come true, being pulled into the normal Marvel Universe:VOLUME I:
* What If... Spider-Man Joined the Fantastic Four? (#1)
* What If... The Hulk Had the Brain of Bruce Banner (#2)
* What If... Rick Jones Had Become The Hulk? (#12)
* What If... The Vision Had Destroyed the Avengers? (#5)
* What If... The X-Men Died On Their First Mission (#9) - (sort of w/Deadly Genesis)
* What If... Captain Marvel Had Not Died? (#14)
* What If... What If the FF's Second Child Had Lived (#30)

Attention Marvel Writers.
Here is a batch of ideas for you to use (please do not miss the heavy juvenile sarcasm of bitter frustration):* What If... The Original Marvel Bullpen Had Become The Fantastic Four?
* What If... Daredevil Became An Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.? (#28)
* What If... Captain America Had Been Elected President? (#26)
* What If... The Punisher Became Captain America? (#51)
* What If... Rogue Possessed The Power of Thor? (#66)
* What If... No One Was Watching The Watcher? (#34)


Anonymous said...

"* What If... The Punisher Became Captain America? (#51)"

Hee hee hee

Anonymous said...

What if ......Wolverine had killed the Hulk? isn't there a RED Hulk that'll need to be Knocked off sometime soon?