Friday, January 19, 2007


Marvel has released the new roster for "The New Avengers" post-Civil War:

* Echo
Ronin (dunno who's in the suit yet)
Doctor Strange
* Wolverine
Iron Fist * Luke Cage

Eh. Not really impressed. Second stringers and then 2 characters who shouldn't be on the Avengers; Wolverine & Spiderman. I feel the Avengers should be the A-List heavy hitters, like Captain America, Iron Man, Thor... kind of like the Justice League. And Doctor Strange? WTF?

Pics are by incoming "New Avengers" artist LEINIL FRANCIS YU


Anonymous said...

yeah - Having spidey and wolvie in there is SO a marketing gimic. I hate it. WHY do they do these things?!?!

Anonymous said...

p.s. - Lenil Yu may be new to the Avengers (I don't know offhand) but he's been around for a while - He's great! ...or maybe I'm confusing him with someone else...

Jim said...

No, you've got it right. Yeah, Yu's freaking awesome! I wish he was back on X-Men (he had a short run). I first discovered him (I think) around 2000 when he was on Wolverine. His style reminded me of Whilce Portacio. Although now he's really come into his own. His Superman: Birthright and Silent Dragon were really nice.

Anonymous said...

Dr Strange will be the new leader. Expect Cap and Iron Man to be gone a while. Oh, and let's not forget there will be two Avengers teams.

Maker said...

this line up pretty much sucks. there are so many redundant characters,...who are they going to fight. they have no muscle, real "brains" spideys smart, but c mon....I guess "thats JUST NOT REALISTIC" I hate the fact they are making the marvel U more like the Ultimates. pretty soon every comic will read like a TV show, with no imagination, a paced, structured writting style ( one small action scene at the beginning, followed by a long drawn out character developement with some filler in the middle, ending with another anti-clamactic action scene,..think INCREDIBLE HULK and Smallville), and little to no "fantacy"
-welcome to the new age of Marvel.....