Thursday, January 24, 2008


The final chapter of the latest X-Men crossover "MESSIAH COMPLEX" came out this week. Overall I really enjoyed it! While it still suffers from the current Marvel way of storytelling -ots of buildup with dud climax, merely setting things up for the NEXT event- I still think its the best the X-Men have been in atleast a decade if not more.

The gist of the storyline goes something like this: After the "HOUSE OF M" event, the Mutant gene no longer exists. Less than 200 mutants are in the world now, with their numbers falling. In addition, because of the lack of the x-gene, there will be no more NEW mutants ever. The Mutant race is officially an endangered species with no hope of survival. Until the MESSIAH COMPLEX one-shot, where a single mutant birth appears. Now its a race to get to the child who represents the survival of Mutantkind. It's Mr Sinister & his Marauders vs The Purifers vs Exodus & the Acolytes vs The X-Men, with solo/double agents in the mix, too!!!

If you bailed on the X-Men during the 90s or the last 7years, pick this crossover up. Its essentially putting the House of X back in order and back onto a path that's worth your time and money. All 13 issues are out now, with the Hardcover collection being released this April.Its the beginning of a new era for The X-Men and the various X-Men books. Some titles are going away while some are tranforming into something new. The adjectiveless X-MEN book is being renamed as "X-MEN: LEGACY" beginning with #208. Here are the sweet linking covers for X-MEN: LEGACY #208-210.

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