Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Instead of spotlighting my current favorite comics, I thought I'd shine some light on a few books that caught me by surprise, leaving me wanting the next issue immediately:

NOVA (ongoing)
I can't quite decide if this book is eh-ok, or one of the best books Marvel has put out since the 80s! It really depends on my mood, I suppose. My friends love this book, so I think its just me. Ha!

Just when I was considering dropping this book, they bring DUSTIN NGUYEN on as artist with #840! I've been a fan of Nguyen for awhile now, especially his Wildcats 3.0 and recent Superman/Batman run. His art is just getting better and better is rad in this issue! That added to PAUL DINI's story (who was the brainchild of the Batman Animated Series back when) has moved Detective to the top of my reading pile. Check out #840!!!

Like most What If's, it falls a bit short. However, the art is killer to look at with every page and panel full of goodies and detail. It's a fun read and when I finished the issue I caught myself grinning a bit in comic satisfaction. Always a good thing.

IRON FIST (ongoing)
Similar to Mova and Detective... was thinking of dropping, but now I'm hooked again! Its just good ole fashioned kung fu fun!! Yes, Kung Fu is played out plus some, but its working in this book. This last issue had artist DAVID AJA who rocks! I hope he stays on board full-time! I'd also like to note that Iron Fist is co-written by Ed Brubaker, who's kicking ass right now with DAREDEVIL, CAPTAIN AMERICA, UNCANNY X-MEN and CRIMINAL.

Ok, I wasn't surprised with this one, but it is under the radar with many fans. Geoff Johns made Black Adam one of my favorite characters in the pages of JSA years back and BA keeps getting better. His tale in the pages of 52 was awesome and this series continues Teth Adams' story. It also has awesome art by DOUG MAHNKE, always a delight!

I didn't want to like this book, but I do. I like the world, the characters, the story and the art by Gabriel Ba (which is Mignola-esque in flavor). I think I've actually mentioned this book in previous comic posts, but I felt the need to mention againhere. The end of #4 was awesome!

ULTIMATE IRON MAN II (mini-series)
I'm as shocked and apalled as you. I HATED the first series. HATED. Yet this outing worked for me. The first issue was interesting and entertaining and had some killer art by PASQUAL FERRY, who has really been shining the past few years. In general, I do not like the Ultimate books and wish they would go away. Life can be so complicated.

Penance is growing to become one of my favorite new Marvel characters and this mini fleshes out the enigmatic character, delving further into his disturbed mind! Plus the mini-series is sporting killer art by veteran PAUL GULACY.

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