Wednesday, January 02, 2008


"Everytime I look into a monitor, Prime, my circuits sizzle!
--Iron Hide, Transformers: The Movie, circa 1984


Anonymous said...

That sucks!
What happened!

80's hand drawn/painted cartoon is better than a 2007 computer made animation..

are they made of rubber parts...

can't wait for the Aliens cartoon version.....where the Aliens help people too.....CRAP!

Scott King said...

I did my best to go into the feature-length pilot with an open mind, but within five minutes I had to turn it off. Looking past the painful art design... the dialog and story was just BAD. I couldn't take it.

Anonymous said...

my god,'s my worst nightmare come to life, looks like Jo Madd art come to life.(sp,..but I don't carer). Looks just like the New X-Men, ...or Ultimates 3

Anonymous said...

teen titan verison?


Anonymous said...

You insult Joe Mad, Scottie Young and the Teen Titan cartoon with those statements.