Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I picked up AMAZING SPIDER-MAN post-"One More Day" to see if Marvel was doing it "right". While I hated HOW they transitioned into this "new/old" feel, I was happy they did - Spiderman has sucked for almost 20years now. I read the first 3 issues last night (the first story arc, by writer Dan Slott).

DAN SLOTT, I love you.

While not the best Spiderman comic ever, it actually felt like a Spider-Man comic again. I quite enjoyed it and was gleeful for these reasons:

1) The Return of Thought Balloons!!!

2) The Return of Editor's Notes!!!

3) The Return of Web Shooters!!!

4) The Return of Narration Boxes!!!

5) The Return of Sound Effects!!!

6) The Return of Spidey talking like Spidey!!!

Plus it had kickass art by STEVE McNIVEN (Civil War), who has become one of my all-time favorite Spider-Man artist. He was only onboard for these 3 isssues, which makes Jimmy sad. But I was thankful for the 3 he gave me! For the first time in nearly 20 years, I felt like I was reading a Spider-Man comic again. Spider-Man's tone, feel, and overall world changed in the 90s and has been blah since. This felt like a return to what made the character & comic great in the first place, during the 60s, 70s and 80s. It was like seeing an old friend again.
Guide to "New" Spider-Man, post-One More Day:

Amazing Spider-Man is now being published 3 times a month. Each month/3-issue arc is by a different team, and there will be 4 teams.

Team 1: Dan Slott/Steve McNiven. Just reviewed, they kick ass.

Team 2: Marc Guggenheim/Salvador Larroca. Not too thrilled about, but will give a chance. Guggenheim's WOLVERINE was atrocious, and Larroca's art is semi-hit or miss.

Team 3: Zam Wells/Chris Bachalo. Not too familiar with Wells, but I like Bachalo when he's in his game.

Team 4: Bob Gale/Phil Jimenez. Gale wrote Back to the Future, which is awesome. But his DAREDEVIL several years back was terrible!!!! Jimenez is great and I'm interested to see his Spidey.

I'm not sure what happens after this 4-month/12-issue push. Will they continue to rotate teams? The same teams? I dunno. I'm not thrilled with any of the other writers and wish Dan Slott/McNiven just stayed on putting out an issue once a month. But alas. Anyway, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #546-548 was alot of fun! Pick em up!!!

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