Monday, October 31, 2005


Stargazers have found 2 more moons orbiting around Pluto!!!

"It's almost like a mini-solar system. How can something about 70 percent the size of Earth's moon have all these satellites? How can that happen?" said Hal Weaver of the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory in Baltimore.

More here.


Check it! AT-AT Costume!
More here.

and for more Star Wars Halloween geekiness, click here (goes to 2004. you can change year in browser)


Hehehe, I'm totally kidding.

But the Hammer and MOCA are having an exhibit on Comic Book artists:
"Masters of the 20th-Century American Comics"

15 artists are spotlighted in the exhibit, all shaped the development of the American comic strip and comic book during the 20th century

Artists I personally dig and have been influenced by directly:
Will Eisner (The Spirit), Harvey Kurtzman (MAD Magazine), R. Crumb (lots of fucked up underground shit),
and the King himself - JACK KIRBY (Marvel!!!!!!!!)

The exhibit is from November 20, 2005 through March 12, 2006 at both the Hammer and Moca simultaneously. More here.


KEITH PARKINSON passed away October 26th of complications from leukemia. He was one of the greatest Fantasy artists that spawned legions of imitators. He's best known for his awesome Dungeons & Dragons work which redefined the genre. I've posted 3 of his paintings that I always dug personally. The bottom one I first saw when I was 13 and in Junior High. At that moment, it was one of the raddest images I had seen.
** Click on images to enlarge **


At the Ayala Museam is the exhibit "[IN]VISIBLE" featuring the works of Filipino artist Gabriel Barredo.

Honestly, I'm not quite sure what to make of it. Its somewhere between somewhat digging elements of it aesthetically and dismissing it outright. heh.

If it was an exhibit of "Costumes & Design of Sci-Fi/Fantasy Movies" I'd probably like it better. Otherwise, it reminds me alittle too much of the "art" you'd find for sale at a furniture store. "Yes, I'll take that sofa, that elephant lamp and that gawdy crucified umbrella holder."

Regardless, the images made me stop and look at them.


Sunday, October 30, 2005


Slightly hung over a bit from the Halloween Party last night...
so I thought I'd vegg on the sofa today and watch the REDSKINS vs Giants game. I haven't watched the Skins since I think 1993, my last year in high school - superbowl champs, baby!!!
(I then moved onto college football - go Auburn!!).

Anyway, Joe Gibbs back in the coaching seat added with Campbell making the jump from Auburn to Washington, got me pumped to watch the Skins play again
(even tho rookie Campbell didn't play).

Well, apparently alot of things have changed with the Redskins since 1993. The main one that stood out the most was replacing the professional players with stoned high school kids. I really can't recall watching a game so embarrassing as this one.
Final score: 36-0, Giants.
A freaking shutout!!!!!

Oh how I miss the team and players of my youth - John Riggins, Dexter Manley, Darrell Green, Gary Clark, Ricky Sanders and

Friday, October 28, 2005



*Breath... breath... breath... *

According to Aint-It-Cool-News, according to Moviehole, according to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE shlub John Cena is up for the role in.... wait for it.... a remake of 1987's PREDATOR, starring as Schwazenegger's character "Dutch."
Why?!! WHY??!!! Why remake that, you douchebags!! You money hungry, unimaginative, talentless @#%&!!!!!

Click here to see a pic of the new Dutch. * sigh *

I cannot even BEGIN to express my absolute loathesome anger at this possible news.
Oh dear Lord, this better be just rumors. . .
Beware: They remake ALIEN or ALIENS, Jim's going to fly off the fucking planet!!!!

JIM SMASH!!!!!!!!!!!!


Quick backstory:
Earlier this week (10/26), the White House, finally having enough of The Onion's spoofing, asked it to stop using the presidential seal on its web site. If you haven't seen The Onion, its pretty funny - they make fake, humorous, often times political, articles - headlines like "Bush To Appoint Someone To Be In Charge Of Country" and "Bush to Nominate Next Person Who Walks Through Door", but all is fair - they do not just spoof the president, they spoof everyone - like "Neverland Ranch Investigators Discover Corpse of Real Michael Jackson." Anyway, the WH is pissed they are using their logo when spoofing them. Odd that SNL has been using that seal every saturday night for decades with no problems, eh?

So, in response to the WH going after them, The Onion , apparently sporting god-size balls , released this image today:

** Click on image to enlarge **



This is not a joke... John Rambo is returning in RAMBO IV.

Here's a quick overview:
Rambo is now living a reclusive life back home in the U.S.
joke 1: what, living in a retirement community?
joke 2: what, the monks kicked him out now that he's too old to back-alley arena fight for money?
But when a girl goes missing, he is forced to abandon his quiet lifestyle and take justice into his own hands.

er, this sounds more like a job for Seagal than Rambo. WTF?
Maybe the girl (who will most likely be Dakota "Screw Child Labor Laws" Fanning) will be Rambo's neice.... and the kidnapper will be Murdock from Rambo: First Blood Pt II. It all comes (semi)full-circle.

This is ridiculous... Rocky VI, Rambo IV, Terminator III-V... if you're going to make a crappy action sequel, do Cobra II!!!

Or how about Sly and Arnold FINALLY team up in a movie? Let's have the CONTRA movie!!
Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start - to Justice!!!
* pic not actual Rambo IV poster.

Thursday, October 27, 2005


By Grabthar's hammer!!!
Sulu beamed out of the closet today.

George Takei:
"It's not really coming out, which suggests opening a door and stepping through. It's more like a long, long walk through what began as a narrow corridor that starts to widen."

(anyone else feel that sounded weird and sexual?)

* special note: Takei spent
3 years of his childhood at Tule Lake, one of the Japanese-American internment camps during WWII- the same camp my Grandparents and Uncle (and bun-in-the-oven Dad) were in.


If FOX News had been around throughout History. . .
Click here for more hilarity.
FOX News.... JIM SMASH!!!!


This one is dedicated to Jason Azzdragon...

Publisher's Weekly has reported that Stephen King has agreed to write a NEW installment of his own Dark Tower series.... this time as a graphic novel published by Marvel Comics in 2006, drawn by Jae Lee. The new Dark Tower installment will be published first as a monthly comic beginning in April, then collected later into the hardcover graphic novel in the fall of '06.

I've posted 2 samples of Jae Lee's comic work. He's a personal fav of mine that greatly influenced my own work back when I was an illustrator.

Now we wait.... does Jason get stoked?
Or does he rampage?
I'm voting for Jason Smash!!

UPDATED: Here's some actual art from the series:

** Click on image to enlarge **


This is some creepy (albeit very sad) freaky news today -

An apparent suicide of a woman in Delaware, who was found hanging from a tree across the street from some homes on a busy road, went unreported for hours because everyone passing by thought she was a Halloween decoration!!! It wasn't until 3 hours later, did someone finally realize what had happened and called the police.

News link here.


Today's eBAY item spotlight is:
Natalie Portman's High School Yearbook, 1999.
Well, not her's personally, but the yearbook from her school that year.

Supposed highlights from seller:
  • Natalie's real last name, full color senior photo and senior quote.
  • Natalie's Senior Superlative where she was voted "Most likely to appear on Jeopardy!"
  • Random photos, including a color photo of Natalie in a Halloween costume.
  • Currently at $182.50 (Reserve not met) with 18 bids. link

    I even creeped myself out posting this.
    * special note: we share the same birthday!


    In a previous post, I mentioned there's an easter egg on the upcoming Episode III dvd -
    Yoda dancing to rap.

    Click link to watch: poop

    JIM SMASH!!!!!

    Wednesday, October 26, 2005


    SAY WHUH???!!!!

    Battlestar Galactica's DAGGIT was a monkey?!!
    I guess I never thought about it before, but yeah -
    makes sense.

    That's either one of the saddest things I've seen...
    or the raddest!!! YEAH!

    Ok, so now Battlestar Galactica has 2 cool things about it;
    Cylons and Monkey-Space-Dogs!



    Two bits of news for ya...
    1) XRAY EYES: I see Paris! I see France! I see everyone's underpants!!! There's a new camera lense in town, and it can see your undies!!! Yep! Xray Specs are now available... until they ban them, which is probably....NOW. So hurry up and buy me a pair!
    More here and pic examples here.

    2) SNITCH PRINTERS:If you didn't know already, or atleast suspected, the cat is now out of the bag - your home color printer is a total snitch. That's right, a squeeler, a rat, a loose lipped stooly!! Your printer may be one of the many that secretely prints out hidden information naked to the human eye. Most likey, the stuff you're printing contains yellow dots scattered across the page, viewable only with a special kind of flashlight. Xerox printers print an invisible bar code of sorts that contains the serial number of the printer as well as the date and time a document was printed.
    Bastard. I never trusted that thing...
    More here if you're interested.

    70's SPOTLIGHT: CYLONS ! !

    I was never a big fan of Battlestar Galactica - although great name, heh - (and I'm referring to the original 70s TV show, not the craptastic abomination on the SciFi Channel right now).
    However, I do give the creators props for the awesome Cylon Centurions!! They were the coolest villains on TV at the time. The silver armor (sometimes gold!) ... the awesome glowing red dot moving back and forth horizontally in their eye visors (pre Knight Rider KITT!)... and they had the absolute coolest wicked narly freaking voices (that,until a few years ago, the Atlanta Airport MARTA train used! I swear!). Plus, with the late 70's lighting, they were always sparkling like a disco ball - so very trippy indeed. The rest of the show was 'eh' at best. But I'd always tune in for the Cylons.

    Also, didn't they used to be on a ride at Universal Studios, Los Angeles? Sweet.

    Learn more fascinating Cylon information here.


    Guess what someone found today in Japan's Kawasaki canal?
    A freaking Great White Shark!!!!
    In a CANAL!

    Suddenly, Jaws4: The Revenge isn't QUITE as ridiculous.

    ...and that top pic - what?!! Great Whites can jump out of the water like that???!!!! Yeah, Nature, Great Whites just weren't scary enough.
    How about outfitting them with wings, like in Piranha 2?!
    .........with frickin lasers on their heads!!

    Tuesday, October 25, 2005


    After paying $90 million last year for rights to The Muppets, Disney is planning on bringing them back to TV as a prime-time ABC series parodying such pooptastic shows like American Idol and America's Next Top Model (UGH). The show would have Kermit and crew judging other would-be muppets trying out to be on the Muppet Show.

    I love the Muppets, but this.... this sounds atrocious!!

    JIM SMASH!!!!

    Ok, so before I die, like I said below, gimmie a lightsaber so I can smash the post-Jim-Henson era Muppets people.

    Check - and its green of course.
    Jim Henson costume?
    Jedi Robe?
    Blue paint - so its Jedi SPIRIT Jim Henson?
    Proceed to ass-whoop on Muppet Infidels!!!!

    Stop typing and making ass out of self?
    Check.......................................FOR NOW!!!


    George Lucas recently unveiled "Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination," a new museum exhibit that opens this week before traveling to six other cities, including Los Angeles!! Boo-yah! Sometimes it pays to be a dork in LA. The traveling exhibit examines the fantasy technologies in Star Wars, the real science behind them and also current research that could make some of the cool technologies a reality someday. This information, thereby, leads to only one single thought: Create freaking lightsabers, you Nurfherders!!!!
    COME ON!! I can accept growing up and realizing flying cars and rayguns are NOT going to be a reality in my lifetime... I can live with that... but goddamnit, someone invent the lightsaber before I die!!!!

    oh, and click HERE for journalistic reporting on it.


    Today's "WHUH?" News...

    Anne Rice has apparently found God. In two weeks, under the pseudonym A.N.Roquelaure, Rice will publish her next book, "CHRIST THE LORD: OUT OF EGYPT", a novel about the 7yr old Jesus who's intermittedly aware that he's also God Almighty, narrated by Jesus himself. "I promised," she says, "that from now on I would write only for the Lord." Rice, best known for her erotic Vampire chronicles, says Jesus is "the ultimate supernatural hero... the ultimate immortal of them all." In the book, the child Jesus even meets "a bewitchingly handsome Satan." She plans on "Out of Egypt" to be the first of a trilogy.

    Oh god I hope they make this into a movie! Can you imagine?
    "Brad Pitt. IS. JESUS!!" hahaha Take Rice's themes of the taboo, occult, eroticisms and general fetish stylings, and slap them all over Jesus. Plus, sprinkle in a dash of how well her previous books-to-film leaps have done, and it would be a downright shame if it wasn't a made-for-tbs-movie!!! You can almost hear the psychotic outraged gasps from the Religious Right leaking through the Space-Time Continuum. If only she'd just go the distance and make Jesus a Vampire.

    "And there came in a flash to me a feeling of understanding everything, everything!... It was time for the blessing. The first prayer we all said together in Jerusalem ... The words were a little different to me. But it was still very good." --excerpt from book

    JIM SNORE!!!!! zzzzzzzz


    William Hootkins passed away sunday after battling with pancreatic cancer. He was 58.

    Hootkins is best known (amongst us dorks) for his brilliant and emotional performance as Rebel Pilot
    in 1977's STAR WARS. He was also Lt. Eckhardt in Tim Burton's BATMAN.

    He lived a few blocks away from us and I met him a couple years ago - really nice guy.

    May the Force be with you, Porkins.


    Today a nation mourns the passing of Rosa Parks , who died of natural causes monday evening at the age of 92. Rosa Parks, whose refusal to give up her bus seat to a white man in 1955 changed the course of American history by sparking the modern civil rights movment and earned her the title “mother of the civil rights movement.”

    Peace be with you, Rosa.

    More here.


    Are there any actors or actresses that you cannot stand? I don't mean you just don't like them, but simply seeing their faces or hearing their voices drives you into a berzerker rage? The mere fact that they are on the screen, horrifically delivering their lines and taking up the spot where a person with TALENT could have been placed instead, makes you want to puke? Or perhaps its just something you can't quite put your finger on, but their face makes you ill regardless?
    Well, I present to you, my list of Actresses I loathe and try my hardest to avoid any movies they are involved in:
    Good grief!! No wonder I rarely go to out to the theaters!!
    and could this post be anymore negative? Jimmy in a mood!

    Monday, October 24, 2005


    William Shatner had to leave the set of "Boston Legal" last week due to extreme lower back pain, later revealed to be a narly kidney stone from Cestus III.

    Shatner said the pain was so "unbelieveable" it dropped him to his knees before he had to do a scene. He finished the scene, of course, because he's freaking Shatner, and was then taken by ambulance to the hospital. He says he ended up passing the kidney stone, and he held up a small black bag that he said had the stone in it. Shatner says he's doing fine now and ready to kick filthy Klingon ass at a moments notice.

    Enlarged picture of foolish
    Kidney Stone that took on Shatner -------------->


    Check out this rad painting by Hugh Fleming of two dewbacks attacking Luke's speeder with Luke and Biggs shitting their pants?!
    ** Click on pic to see larger size **

    Click HERE to check out the super cool Dewback statue!!



    The Plaintiff: Neela (Greedo's mother)
    The Defendant: Han Solo

    Neela claims her son Greedo was simply trying to make a living as a Debt Collector when he was killed in cold blood by the Defendant.

    Mr. Solo says the Plaintiff's son was a bounty hunter for Jabba The Hutt, who not only threatened his life, but shot at him first.

    Click HERE for comic hilarity.


    Elizabeth Hickok has recreated San Francisco in Jello!
    She should have made them out of JELLO SHOTS, filled to the gills with liquor. Then unleashed a few drunk and stoned college kids dressed in Godzilla costumes on the city-o-munchies.
    Nature takes it course, and you have a quicktime that gets passed around the Net.

    Click HERE to see.


    Click HERE to check out all kinds of geeky stuff relating to building your very own Astro Droids!
    Be sure to check out the "GALLERY" section!


    To balance out the "Shitty Directors" post,
    I thought I'd post a good movie recommendation:
    by Korean director Chan-wook.

    Without giving too much away, its about this businessman who gets imprisoned, drugged and tortued for years, never knowing why or by whome (think Cube, but minuse the goddamn-that's-fucked-up atmo).
    He's then released and tries to put the pieces together of who and why of his imprisonment in the Twilight Zone. Chan-wook Park, the director, is aparently a Hitchcock follower and former philosophy student - and it shows. Its a great psychological drama thriller.

    We watched it this past weekend and both loved it!!
    Its great storytelling and filmmaking. The cinematography is wonderful, too!

    So, go rent it now!!
    And be sure to watch in Korean with English subtitles.

    ** Friends don't let friends watch DUBBED foreign movies. **

    *Thanks, Hunter, for the recommendation!!

    Sunday, October 23, 2005


    There are a handful of directors I really wish I had the power to ban from making films forever, possibly even banishing them to a deserted island never to be seen again by a film loving society. Why they are given director chairs time after time is beyond me. I suppose they make money is why, so I'd also like to round up those dipshits that keep herding to the theaters and paying to see (thereby supporting and incouraging) these atrocious turds, and toss them onto the island as well.

    Those directors, and their crimes against Humanity, are:

    1) Stephen Sommers
    CRIMES: The Mummy, The Mummy Returns, Van Helsing,
    [upcoming 2006] Flash Gordon (Blasphemy!!!)

    2) Roland Emmerich
    CRIMES: Universal Soldier, Godzilla, The Day After Tomorrow,
    The Patriot, [upcoming 2006] King Tut (He did NOTHING historically!! WHY are you making this??).

    3) Paul S. Anderson
    CRIMES: Mortal Kombat, Resident Evil, Soldier, AVP (FUCK YOU!!!!!).

    4) Michael Bay
    CRIMES: Bad Boys, Bad Boys II, Armageddon, Pearl Harbor.

    5) Joel Schumacher
    CRIMES: Batman Forever, Batman & Robin.

    JIM SMASH!!!!!


    A 3.0 magnitude earthquake hit Santa Monica at 8:42pm PST. We were home watching a movie when suddenly I felt very low level vibrations in my feet and legs... then heard a low rumbling. I turned to Terra, who didn't seem to be feeling or hearing it, to say "hey, do you feel and hear that?" and before I could open my mouth - BITCHBOOM!!!! the apartment felt like Godzilla was just thrown into it and the building swayed. Kitty freaked out and we were none-too-pleased!

    Atleast we were watching a zombie movie so the freaky level was a minimum. Earthquakes - not a big fan, nope.

    Friday, October 21, 2005


    OH. MY. GOD.

    ALIENS Chess Set!!


    The pewter chess pieces are Aliens vs Marines! The human side of the board features the design of Hadley's Hope (the colony station from ALIENS), while the Aliens side of the board represent the gradual infestation and hiving. Within the infestation are human victims, either awaiting a facehugger or incubating chestbursters.

    This set-from-the-gods will be available February 2006 for a whopping $375! ouch!

    JIMMY WANTY ! ! !

    * I am accepting any donations for this good cause.