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Whoa... the Hollywood Reporter is saying
is getting his own show.


The Iron Man and action stuff looks great. However, I'm not loving Downey's take on Stark. I think it will work for the movie, but as a fan, its just not the Tony Stark I've always seen in the comic. Regardless, I'm getting excited for this movie. Thoughts?


Today is February 29, 2008

Thursday, February 28, 2008


Oh man-o-man, am I digging the 25th Anniv figures of the 3-3/4" GIJOE! I grew up on the Joe figures, comics and even the crappy cartoon! Back in the 90s, when the Star Wars figures were being relaunched, I said they should stick to the traditional packaging. Well, someone thought the same thing for these suckers! While the figures themselves are uninspiring, I'm really digging the old school packaging! They really take me back to my younger days!

Initially, I was just going to get Snake-Eyes (w/Timber) and Hooded Cobra Commander. Those are the two essential figures, for me. Being the fan of COBRA, I'm skipping most of the Joes. But like pringles, once you start, you can't stop! I am not addicted to these things. I still have some self-control, so please don't think I'm buying all of them. But come on, you gotsta have DESTRO.... STORM SHADOW.... FIREFLY.... COBRA COMMANDER, COBRA OFFICER and CRIMSON GUARD!! Right? Yes.

Pics posted are of what figures are available thus far (atleast, those figures I could find online shown with their card). Future Anniv figs will include COBRA VIPER, H.I.S.S. DRIVER, MAJOR BLUDD, BARONESS and even TOMAX & XAMOT!! ....and more!



Personal favorite Turtorro films:
"The Big Lebowski", "O Brother Art Thou?" and "Miller's Crossing"

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


A Divine Proclamation to End the Present Existance"
performed by the band 'Last Days of Humanity'.
Clip by Haywire


Here's what the latest incarnation of MEGATRON looks like. Has anyone tried watching the new animated series? I did and it was quite painful. I was amazed at how they've taken a great concept with awesome designs and turned it into poop. Here's a taste. I didn't stay long enough for credits to see if the Brothers Strause were involved. Anyway, Megatron is the least offensive redesign of the bunch. His head looks similar to Bay's live-action version, and his arm-cannon reminds me of Shockwave in gun mode.

Since Generation 1, Megatron has had various redesigns. My favorite version is from Transformers: The Movie (1986).


So apparently Upper Deck Entertainment had fantasy artist Todd Lockwood paint a bitchin pic of Stephen Colbert decked out in Truthiness Armor for their World of Warcraft trading card game. But then Colbert's poopie Reps stopped it from happening. Boooo. But thankfully, someone leaked the image on the internet.... and you'll be able to buy prints from Lockwood at various nerd conventions!-------------------------------
*thanks, Jason Clone

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


DANZIG has come up in conversation 3 times this week. So in honor of that sign, here's a post spotlighting the relation between CYRSTAR and DANZIG!! This may be common knowledge, particularly with Danzig fans.... but Glenn Danzig swiped the classic "danzig horned skull" from MICHAEL GOLDEN's cover for Marvel's Crystar #8! Danzig used the skull imagery backwhen for his then-side band project SAMHAIN (which became his full-time band when the Misfits fell apart - Samhain later evolved into DANZIG in 1987). I wonder if he gave credit to Golden or not?? So anyway, there you have it! Legions of metalheads are walking around with CRYSTAR artwork on their chest and they probably don't even know it! I think Danzig should start wearing Crystar shirts! Toyline based comics of the 80s rule!!!
"Crystar...Gonna take your daughter out tonight....."


So I guess we'll see atleast 3 versions of the armor! Cool.


NECA has released images of their upcoming NOSTROMO CREW figures from ALIEN!!! So far they'll have DALLAS and KANE. Check out the "Kane w/Fachugger" head, too!!! Neca has acquired the rights for al 4 Alien movies. So keep on making these figures!!!... ALL the characters from ALIEN and ALIENS.... hell, even ALIEN 3! But that's it for Jimmy. You can hold off on the Resurrection & AVP turds. They'll just be waste of plastic and money.


*thanks, Jason!


Recently, New Avenger ECHO killed ELEKTRA and everyone freaked as her dead body reverted to its true form; that of a SKRULL! If Marvel says Elektra has been a skrull since her first death back in Daredevil #181 (1982), then Brilliant!!!! Frank Miller and fans rejoice!* Now the Marvel Universe is paranoid - who can you trust? Who's actually a skrull in hiding?

Marvel's upcoming event SECRET INVASION will soon reveal who within the Marvel Universe are actually SKRULLS, preparing for an invasion. Speculation is abound with fanboys. Most fans hope IRON MAN is a skrull due to his actions in Civil War. Personally I think he's legit (a dick, but legit). Bendis has also dropped hints that Jessica Jones & Baby are Skrulls. Apparently all will be revealed in Secret Invasion #1 (April 2).. But before the issue comes out, I thought I'd do a post of those characters I WANT to be Skrulls. Here goes.....


WOLVERINE: I'd like the Wolverine in New Avengers and his solo title to be a skrull.
I never liked him on both the X-Men and Avengers... he's overused as is.... plus it never felt right him being an Avenger. In his solo title, his mutant powers have been vamped to the point of absurdity. In one issue, he was incinerated down to a skeleton and jumped back into action, fully healed, within a couple minutes (or was it less?). Before, it would take him a day or so to fully recover from gunshot wounds. Now he's invincible. Fuck it... let's clean house while we're at it... "Wolverine Origins" is false memory implants from unimaginative Skrull scientists.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Cap has not inspired like he should for YEARS. It's like the guy in the suit is just some shlub with low self-esteem and limited physical abilities (he's supposed to be the perfect human being, after all) Have it so the "Cap" that died was a skrull. The REAL Steve Rogers is Underground with Fury, waiting to save the day at the end of Secret Invasion. "But Cap didn't turn into a Skrull when he died, like Elektra did, Jim."....."La-la-la-la, not list-en-ingggg..." (You could also extend to say The Winter Soldier is a skrull. The character is cool, but it diminishes Bucky's death - he represented all the soldiers who didn't make it back home from WWII).

THE SENTRY: His first mini-series by Paul Jenkins & Jae Lee was awesome. And that should have been the end of it. The Sentry serves no purpose STILL since being revived in New Avengers. He's a Superman xerox of a xerox and just doesn't fit into the Marvel Universe.

MAGNETO: Would explain soooo much, especially the whole Grant Morrison chaos that I still can't figure out... Xorn... the madman in NYC... other weirdo appearances. WTF?

ANGEL: I'm a huge fan of the blue-skinned, metal-winged ARCHANGEL in the Apocalypse costume; that version is my favorite character! I would love it if they said Angel has been a Skrull since Uncanny X-Men #338 where he regained his feather wings... and soon thereafter lost the blue skin. This will also wipe clean the lame new secondary mutation that his blood can heal people.

SPIDER-MAN: "Spidey's a skrull!!" This would have been easier to swallow than the bullshit "One More Day" Mephisto crapola.

STORM: Ever since she went into the Siege Perilous at the end of Fall of the Mutants, Storm has been ever so crappy. I'd love it if she's been a Skrull since then!!!!!

CAPTAIN MARVEL: I can't believe they brought him back. He died from CANCER decades ago, man! By bringing him back, they've negated one of the most poignant stories of the Marvel Universe - even superheroes can die of disease... especially one that effects so many people. With is return, his tragic death is now negated. Yes, he's supposed to a time-displace younger version who will eventually succumb to cancer. But it still walks over the story of the past and cheapens his death. Best to leave the dead dead, Marvel. So make him a Skrull, please.

DRAX: Pre-Annihilation, someone had the bright idea to turn Drax into a crappy clich copy of RIDDICK, complete with dual knives. Please return him to his original incarnation. Vin Diesel wants his look back.

BEAST: Simply for the fact I absolutely loathe this "Cat-Man" look that Grant Morrisson and Frank Quitely turned him into. The Beast was awesome before, but now they've changed him into Ron Perlman from "Beauty & the Beast." I'd also say go ahead and make any mutant who had "Second Mutation" (ugghh) a Skrull. Fuck it, let's clean house!

JEAN GREY: She's been mishandled for decades, primarily from the 90s-to-Present. While I loved her in the early days of X-Factor, I say make it so Jean actually did die during the Dark Phoenix Saga. It was an emotional tragedy that shook the X-Men (and fans) for years. Bringing her back was a slap in the face.

REED RICHARDS: Beginning with Civil War, he's been such a TOOL.

NORMAN OSBORN: For the sole reason to stop artists from drawing him to look like Tommy Lee Jones. Why??? "er, because he was a Skrull! Yeah, that's the ticket!"

NIGHTWING: Yeah, I know he's over in DC... but he's sucked ever since Dixon & McDaniel left the book back in 2000.

*Death of Elektra: In 1981, Elektra creator Frank Miller killed her off at the hands of Bullseye. Marvel had originally promised Miller to not resurrect the character without Miller's permission. But resurrected her anyway in the 1990s. To this day, Miller refuses to work for Marvel and does not acknowledge the "Elektra" running around in Marvel books post-death. If Marvel explains she's been a Skrull since DD#181 and the real Elektra is indeed still dead, it could prove to be a wise business decision to bring Miller back to Marvel. *shrug*. Any resurrected dead character should be revealed as Skrulls, in my opinion.

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Last week I did a post about David Mack swiping art from Adam Hughes and Alex Maleev, in his upcoing New Avengers #39. Specifically in one panel, the Echo figure copying Hughe's Rainmaker from Gen13. And swiping Maleev's Daredevil from the cover to DD#41. (that post HERE).

Well its come to my attention that there's even more swiping from Maleev in the preview pages provided by Marvel. In the same panel as the Echo/Rainmaker, the Daredevil figure is another swipe from Maleev; from his Daredevil #43 cover, but mirrored. In addition, Mack uses the same Maleev Daredevil art for the Wolverine on another page.This whole thing initially came to my attention on a comic messageboard, where Mack actually chimed in (its always cool when the writer/artists engage in conversation with the irrate fanboys)
Mack's first response was:
"About the reference to Adam Hughes.... When preparing for the look of this book, I wanted to really embrace the comic book look of things while keeping things looking realistic as well, and I'm a big fan of Adam's ability to do that and I was looking at a lot of his work, among others, as a kind of training wheels in considering styles, and getting started on this issue.......This was one of the first pages that I drew in this issue, getting into the vibe for the series and you may be right that I referenced it too heavily. Sometimes when you are getting rolling on a project it takes a few pages to work the influences out of your system. So props to Adam, you have to give credit where credit is due, and I hope this will be viewed as more of an homage and not be distracting to you in the context of the rest of the story."
Mack's response to the Maleev swipe:
"When I was doing the second Echo story in between the Bendis/Maleev run, I tried to make it look like the Maleev DD to fit into the continuity.In this story the images of DD has Iconic DD looks from Iconic DD artists for reasons based in this particular story. I'll comment more on it when the issue is out, so as not to spoils."
I'll give Mack the benefit of the doubt on this one and wait for the issue to come out. But a flag does go up for me....if the whole issue is using previous artists' work, then why not say so initially? Mack's response went from saying he may have "referenced too heavily" to its all part of the story and completely intentional, using "iconic DD looks" from "iconic DD artists". Seems like back-peddling damage control to me. Especially since he swiped the Maleev Daredevil art for the Wolverine image.

One last thought.... if the plan was always to use those iconic images, I hope in the same issue Mack acknowledges those artists he's "referencing", giving credit where it's due. The artwork does not stand out from his own enough for most readers to see the "homage".

I also wonder if Marvel paid him his normal page rate, even though much of the art is not his, but from previous work Marvlel had already paid for.

and just to be an Ass, here's Mack's page next to an altered page using the original material:Previous related posts:
* more Greg Land ripoffs
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They made a statue of ALITA-ONE!!!

I've mentioned her before, here on JimSmash, but for those who are not familiar with her... she's the leader of the all-female squad of Autobot Resistant fighters on Cybertron AND Optimus Prime's one true love!

In fact, they knew each other before the Great War! Back when Prime was merely the young dock worker ORION PAX and Alita-One was his girlfriend ARIEL.
[Orion Pax/Airel and Optimus Prime/Alita-One]

Many people thought ARCEE was the first female transformer, but nope! Alita-One and her team made their appearance on the original TV show! But alas, you never saw them again... not even in their own spin-off series (you'da thunk, huh?!). I suppose a 30-minute toy commercial for boy toys means boys would want the figures... and I guess the marketing people felt they wouldn't sell(???). But GIJoe had Baroness, Scarlett, Lady Jaye, Cover Girl, etc.... why couldn't we have these?!
The thing I never understood was why Prime hooked up with Alita-One, when she had such a fine lookin' lieutenant named CHROMIA - she's a fox! Unfortunately, she and Iron Hide had a thing together. Whatever, Iron Chump!
Anyway, back to point the subject of ALITA-ONE...
anyone remember the "sex scene" with her and Optimus Prime?
What? Like this is anything new or weird in 80s cartoons...

Hey, the Thundercats were waaay more funky!

How do you think LION-O went from BOY to MAN so quickly? Thundercats HOOOOOO!!!!!


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This week seems to be themed with comic artists ripping off other artists and sources (link & link). Here are some more fina examples of GREG LAND using celebrity photos and stills from movies for his work. Using reference is one thing, but this guy seems to have built a career on copying and tracing from OTHER people's hard work, whether it be cinematic filming, drawing, painting, or photography. Atleast use your OWN photography, man.

ANIMATED GIFS: (if not animating, click on pics )
STILL PICS:[B&W Spidey is by Travis Charest]

(thanks, Irish Paulie!)
and from Previous JimSmash Posts:[Land copying himself; his Jean Grey & Black Canary][Land's Dracula, copying Caldwell's "Strahd Von Zarovich"] [Land's Santana, copying Playboy's Pam Anderson cover]
and thanks, Lisa, for the Santana/PamAndeson (from months back)

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..... but alas, he is DUKE.