Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I really like GREG LAND's artwork, despite his often use of photo reference. But when I see him blatantly copying other artists' work, I simply cannot stand behind it... in fact, it pisses me off. Case in point is his recent cover for Marvel's LEGION OF MONSTERS: MORBIUS one-shot. The cover is very striking and there's a reason for that: he's ripped off the classic Ravenloft RPG painting of the vampire STRAHD VON ZAROVICH by the famous CLYDE CALDWELL. Seriously,WTF man? Ripping off another artist? Not cool. And ripping off a famous image by a famous painter? Stupid. Go hang out with your "buddies" Rob Liefeld and Roger Cruz (any comic fans get that joke?).

This is not the first time he's done this. In fact, he's even ripped off HIMSELF! I posted this before, but here is a comparison of his JEAN GREY and his BLACK CANARY.------------------------------------
Lisa posted in the comment section that she did a similar post last month on Greg Land ripping off ANOTHER image, for the cover of Marvel's LEGION OF MONSTERS: SATANA. "Sometimes even if you take a photo of a real live person and try to make it into art, you fail....."
Click HERE for Lisa's post.


maker said...

dude,..I beat you too that a little while ago ;) (your first post about this pic...)

- you never listen to me Jim,... I feel like you just don't care anymore



Jim said...

That previous post had nothing to do with Greg Land's cover to Morbius. You never pay attention, Maker.



maker said...

hwe also ripped off a little known graphic novel called "SLAIN" The Horned God Vol. 1 by simon Bisley (http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://tplist.millarworld.net/Images/slainehg1.jpg&imgrefurl=http://tplist.millarworld.net/slaine.html&h=138&w=100&sz=4&hl=en&start=0&um=1&tbnid=4F9OR3yeymcb4M:&tbnh=93&tbnw=67&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dslaine,%2BThe%2BHorned%2BGod,%2Bvol%2B1%2Bby%2Bsimon%2Bbisley%26svnum%3D10%26um%3D1%26hl%3Den%26sa%3DG ) -only pic I could find) when doing the cover for The Ultimate FF with Submariner

The only reason I recognized this, was bc I drew that pic over and over in High School

Scott King said...

but... their hair is different color!


Lisa said...

He even ripped off Playboy.

Frank said...

I'm not defending him but... this is sort of a classic vampire / evil monster type pose. I do think he lack originality though and for that, smash away!

maker said...

honestly,..can you really consider him "the best marvel artist", when he basically doesn't have an original idea of his own, and basically photoshops photos, and other people's work?? what's next? tracing. I got no problem using things for reference,..but c'mon. This is preetty much what I did in high school to make up for my lack of talent.

Lisa said...

Amen Maker! I'm pretty sure that with a light-box or scanner and photoshop I can do just about as well.

Hmmm... maybe I should look into a new career. Comic book copier artist.

Jim said...

Youngblood DID just return to Image, Lisa! Maybe you could be their copier artist! :)

terry brooks said...

you will find that the artists u say r being ripped off have usually `ripped off' another picture.

some do it more subtly tho

and this guy isnt very.

that ravenloft one is pretty close.

the pamela anderson one, well probably but its a pretty common slutty pose.

phillip said...

Greg Land has actually said he used that Playboy Pam Anderson photo for his work. Its a shame he copies others and rehashes his own stuff because he has talent. But alas, his legacy will be one of a ripoff artist and laughed at by fans like Liefeld.