Tuesday, February 26, 2008


DANZIG has come up in conversation 3 times this week. So in honor of that sign, here's a post spotlighting the relation between CYRSTAR and DANZIG!! This may be common knowledge, particularly with Danzig fans.... but Glenn Danzig swiped the classic "danzig horned skull" from MICHAEL GOLDEN's cover for Marvel's Crystar #8! Danzig used the skull imagery backwhen for his then-side band project SAMHAIN (which became his full-time band when the Misfits fell apart - Samhain later evolved into DANZIG in 1987). I wonder if he gave credit to Golden or not?? So anyway, there you have it! Legions of metalheads are walking around with CRYSTAR artwork on their chest and they probably don't even know it! I think Danzig should start wearing Crystar shirts! Toyline based comics of the 80s rule!!!
"Crystar...Gonna take your daughter out tonight....."