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SPRINGER is one of my favorite [non-classic] Transformers characters and I regret not buying his lame G1 figure when I was a kid - I had it in my hands and put it back, regret!

I stumbled upon the above pic and am not sure the details of it yet... but I know I'd like to own it. I'd also like them to make a MASTERPIECE SPRINGER.

Here are some more Springer pics:
"I've got better things to do tonight then die!"

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[ sketch by Phil Noto ]
bonus pic:

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 I couldn't resist purchasing this for the cover alone.

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My friend Patrick Neighly has launched a Kickstarter to bring one of his graphic novels, THE SUPERNATURALISTS, back into print in a hardcover edition. He's trying for a big push this weekend to get to 30% on Kickstarter. If you are willing and able to support the project, now would be a great time to buy a copy of the book. Of course, there is no obligation to do so!
A fully completed 152 page graphic novel about Jazz Age vampires in a signed, hardcover edition. The volume will be at least 160 pages on heavy, offset paper to highlight Jorge's traditional linework. The intent is to present the book as a deluxe volume that looks and feels like it came straight from the Gilded Age itself. The graphic novel includes 152 actual story pages - roughly the equivalent of 7 monthly comics!
"I didn't think there was an interesting vampire tale left to tell, but The Supernaturalists is it. A deftly told blend of crime and horror genres... with confident pacing, strong characters and snappy, efficient dialog."  – Steven Grant, writer of current Hollywood hit 2Guns and the original Punisher miniseries
Pledging your support is risk-free. If the campaign doesn't reach its goal amount, no money changes hands. If the goal is achieved, you get a signed hardcover book for your library. Also perfect for smashing spiders and holding doors open!

If you know anyone who might be interested in this sort of thing, please spread the word! Maybe some of your friends might find it interesting too!
Click HERE to check out the KICKSTARTER page!

'Near Dark' meets 'Boardwalk Empire'

Flappers, speakeasies and ... the living dead? A killer stalks the streets of 1926 Manhattan. But as detective Edgar Drake races against time to solve an impossible crime, he finds himself on the wrong side of the law. Unusual suspects, unforeseen allies and a mysterious socialite eventually point to a truth more horrifying than anything he could have imagined.

Some words from Patrick:

"Hi there. My name is Patrick Neighly. A few years ago I self-published an original graphic novel with Jorge Heufemann called The Supernaturalists. The story is a Jazz Age murder mystery, with vampires. Only vampires don't exist, do they? Hard luck detective Edgar Drake must grapple with the impossible in order to solve a string of grisly murders, but sometimes even the impossible isn't what it seems. Backed by a glittering socialite and a traveling jazz musician, Edgar races against time to save New York City from a diabolical killer."

Every page is already drawn and lettered!

"Being a reprint means the entire project is ready to go the printer the moment we reach our Kickstarter goal. No gambling on a script, or waiting months for the artist to draw the book. In fact we'll be sending out digital copies within days of ending the campaign!"

"Jorge passed away shortly after completing the work, leaving behind hundreds of pages of gorgeous Bronze age style art. I enjoyed both of our collaborations, but his enthusiasm for vintage illustration styles and period detail really pushed The Supernaturalists to the next level. Our work together was an international capstone to his local career in his native Argentina; I will always regret not being able to meet in person to shake his hand."

"We are very fortunate with The Supernaturalists graphic novel in that the entire project is completed and ready to go to the printers. All 152 story pages are fully drawn, inked and lettered. The new hardcover edition is designed and laid out. Our only real risk is that we won't meet our funding goal for the printing - and that's where you come in. Thank you for your patronage!"

Click HERE to check out the KICKSTARTER page! Hey, there's Sample Pages!!

* This project will only be funded if at least $8,000 is pledged by Thursday Sep 12, 6:24pm EDT.


* artist unknown (anyone?)

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Apologies for arriving so embarassingly late to the party, but I just realized that 'ALIEN3's PAUL "Golic" McGANN was also the [short-lived] 8TH DOCTOR on 'DOCTOR WHO'. Both just got that much cooler in my book.

Here are some pics to nerd out on!

"It was a dragon! Feeds on minds. It was- nobody can stop it" 
--Goilic, 'Alien3'


I saw this t-shirt the other day and it perplexed me... obviously it's made to be a patriotic Spider-Man shirt, but to me it looks like a Spider-Man/Nuke mash-up. Are they fighting in this issue? Is Nuke wearing the Spider-Man costume?

[ Nuke ]
[ Wolverine vs Nuke ]


Sweet painting by JimSmash Reader Matthew Scheuerman!

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(uh, where's the silver leg?)

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"In space, no one can hear you clean!"

Monster Mary's etsy store BASTIAN'S BOUTIQUE is now selling homemade ALIEN SOAPS!!! So cruise over there now and pick some up... before I buy them all!

She also has other fun soaps like JAWS, GHOSTBUSTERS, BACK TO THE FUTURE, ZOMBIE, and more!

Click HERE now!

* She's also open to suggestions for future soaps - PLEASE EMAIL ME YOUR SUGGESTIONS.