Saturday, February 23, 2008


This week seems to be themed with comic artists ripping off other artists and sources (link & link). Here are some more fina examples of GREG LAND using celebrity photos and stills from movies for his work. Using reference is one thing, but this guy seems to have built a career on copying and tracing from OTHER people's hard work, whether it be cinematic filming, drawing, painting, or photography. Atleast use your OWN photography, man.

ANIMATED GIFS: (if not animating, click on pics )
STILL PICS:[B&W Spidey is by Travis Charest]

(thanks, Irish Paulie!)
and from Previous JimSmash Posts:[Land copying himself; his Jean Grey & Black Canary][Land's Dracula, copying Caldwell's "Strahd Von Zarovich"] [Land's Santana, copying Playboy's Pam Anderson cover]
and thanks, Lisa, for the Santana/PamAndeson (from months back)