Friday, January 11, 2008


Neca has unveiled a first-look pic of their upcoming 18" ALIEN figure based on the ORIGINAL by Giger! I think it looks spectacular!!!! Keep em coming, Neca! Their website says its set to come out in Spring 2008. Can't wait, can't wait!!!


Jazz said...

so you just assumed that the alien would look the same regarless of host i dunno bout you guys but to me thats kind of shallow especially since no other creature exceot humans were implanted til alien 3

Jim said...

Alien 3 came out in 1992... So for 14 years the Alien was what it appeared like in Alien & Aliens with no mentioning of it taking on physical attributes of it's host. For 14 years that idea was not apart of the Alien biology or Mythos. Giger, Ridley & Cameron had written in detail about the Alien's biology. It wasn't until Alien 3 came around did the physical attributes thing came into play by David Fincher who had stated that he wanted to make Alien 3 unique from the others and to put his stamp on the series. Hence killing off Hicks & Newt... And the dog alien. Alien 3, 14 years after ALIEN came out, changed the Alien creature. Hardly shallow.

Jim said...

Sorry, that sounded snarky & bitchy- not my intent.