Thursday, January 10, 2008


The Asylum has done it again!

First there was "Snakes On A Train", then "The DaVinci Treasure" and "The Transmorphers"!!

Now they've unleased

Check it out........

The sad thing is, it looks on par with AVP-R, quality wise... no wait, it has WILLIAM KATT, the Greatest American Hero... so its already a superior film.

AVP-R Review.


allen etter said...

That is sad...but much more interesting-looking that AVP R.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

You can't beat the look of their I am Legend cash in 'I am Omega' Now that looks quality ! :)

Anonymous said...

It has a "Very Long Wait" in my Netflix queue! LOL

Anonymous said...

well,I'm going to say this, William Katt was the only good thing about the movie. Other than him, no one else could act.
The movie was choppy editing wise. The scene jumps and story...
I was laughing, and the movie was not supposed to be funny.
The previews are great as was William Katt's performance. but other than that. And as good as he is, he couldn't carry the film.
I'd love to hear your takes on it.