Friday, January 11, 2008


Being in the U.S. I'm just now becoming acquainted with the UK tv show "SPACED", by the "Shaun of the Dead" gang. This clip is where Nick Frost explains that all men share an "unspoken telepathy".

I heard SPACED is going to finally be coming to the U.S. via dvd soon...ish.... maybe... apparently there's some music licensing issues. grrrrrrr. However, you can buy the UK Region 2 dvds on amazon. Many new dvd players now play various regions.... I hear the OPPO player is awesome and affordable.


Andrew Glazebrook said...

paced is a brilliant show !! Funnily enough that scene is the first scene I was shown by a mate, I'd missed this when it was on TV. I bought it on DVD and have since recommended it to a few mates who've loved it also !!

allen etter said...

I think my eyeball just exploded because I was laughing so hard. What's spooky is that its all TRUE! I had a spontanious slow mo shoot up with Ted and the boys the other night.